Peevish Penfriend

Peevish Penfriend

 Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, NOR

Peevish Penfriend plays punk'n'roll: Influenced by good old guys like Johnny Thunders, but with the edge of newer bands like QOTSA, The Strokes and The Hives. Being praised as a live band in Norway for years, the band's debut album «Home For Evangelical Boys» is now getting good reviews.


Norwegian punk rockers Peevish Penfriend are being hyped after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album «Home For Evangelical Boys». Ever since their tour of Palestine in 2009 their reputation as a prime live act has proceeded them. By doing things the old fashioned way, playing wherever, whenever, they have had the chance to showcase their unique punk'n'roll to thousands of Palestinians on the West Bank, playing some of the most credible venues in Norway and showing off their raw talent anywhere from motorcycle clubs to showcases.


February 10th 2012 saw the release of Peevish Penfriend's debut album «Home For Evangelical Boys», and the sold out release concert in Trondheim sparked the band's tour of Norway. Already notorious for their live shows, the band's album is now being embraced by the critics.

The popular magazine Natt&Dag calls the debut album «better than Randy's and The International Noise Conspiracy's debut albums combined».
Furthermore, Peevish Penfriend is being compared to Backstreet Girls and Hellacopters by the same paper that called the band «an epiphany on the stage» (from the Norwegian heavy weight newspaper Adresseavisen).

If you want to book the most exciting band of 2012, book Peevish Penfriend.


«Um Kamel», released on iTunes, Spotify and Wimp in desember 2011. Is currently being played on Norwegian radio.

«Home For Evangelical Boys», released in february 2012 on label MBN/Universal. Is also available on iTunes, Spotify and Wimp.