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Here Comes the Rain

Written By: Taylor Carman

The water ran right through the South Fork Dam on a man-made lake outside of Pittsburgh

A long long time, 1889, for eighty years they still remembered

From Conemaugh down, straight into Johnstown, they say you can't control the weather

Well, here comes the rain, here comes the rain

Darkness at dawn, turn your radio on, hear the funeral band playin'

Lake Pontchartrain, morning never came, see the power lines swayin'

Ride out of town, put your ear to the ground, you hear a thousand voices sayin'

Here comes the rain, here comes the rain

The break of day, ten thousand miles away, the sailors stone blind from drinkin'

The wind died down, we let the horses drown, we just stood and watched them sinkin'

Like rising steam, I climbed into a dream, my eyes were closed but I was thinkin'

Here comes the rain, here comes the rain