Peg D'Amato

Peg D'Amato


Music that will stir the heart to seek the truth and find the hope that lies in Christ, Jesus


This music ministry's objective is to share songs that will ultimately glorify the Lord. The Message is woven into story songs, songs of praise or songs of personal testimony. The style is moving, the voice is clear. You won't have to "wonder" what was being sung, you'll hear each word with clarity. Peg's desire is to encourage each one of us to look into our own hearts and recognize our need for the risen Savior. The music is uplifting at times, contemplative at others. It's a blend that is necessary:!


A Beautiful Distance

Written By: Peg D'Amato

Scarred walls, hard hues of brown. Shouted secrets of strain. Stress and struggles, turmoil and troubles. Yet as it stood rearranged. The canyon cast visions of grandeur and grace.
A mighty display of awesome glory Grandly telling its story.

Chorus: Oh, A Beautiful Distance Carved with sunshine and rain. Oh, A Beautiful Distance. Careful chasms of change. Sometimes met with resistance. But, oh, what A Beautiful Distance

Eyes closed, ears that couldn’t hear. Blinded to my greatest need.
Storm clouds charged in, caught in a whirl wind. Then Light allowed me to see. The trappings of darkness misleading me. A life transformed for His glory. His hands outline the story. (Chorus)

Such a vast divide, From the past to present. A hundred million miles, From who I was, to who I am today, who I am today (Chorus)

King of Hearts

Written By: Peg D'Amato

It’s another night of losing. Can’t get a winning hand. Nothing but frustration, nothing goes as planned. The players whisper joker. He sadly sips his gin. His soul feels like a house of cards hit by winter winds. The walk home in the rain is so long. Somewhere in the darkness is heard a luring song.

Chorus: He is THE KING OF HEARTS His specialty is change. He sees the hidden parts. The place where chaos reigns. His work’s done through circumstances. No luck or bets or taking chances. He is the King. He is the King. He is THE KING OF HEARTS.

The music seems to draw him. Like a challenge or a dare. Up ahead an old man’s singing from a porch swing chair. The old guy waves to him. Says “Come, you need a change. No forced smile or poker face can hide your losing game.” Wet and heavy feet climb the stairs. This weary man is grateful that someone seems to care. (Chorus)

Sometimes the cards we’re dealt are stacked against us. Seems there’s no way to win. But in His time the King of Hearts shows us His hands. And we know Him; we begin to understand. (Chorus)

Let It Go

Written By: Peg D'Amato

Losing track, wasting time. Far away, much on my mind. Pulling back, stepping slow So confused, on the wrong road. You could say, You told me so. In black and white, so long ago. But that’s not Your style. That much I know. You’ll take me back and Let It Go. He made claims, he would die. With the One right by his side. But he denied his true Lord. And how he cried when that rooster crowed. You could say, You told him so. In black and white, not long ago. But that’s not Your style. That much I know. You took him back and Let It Go. Over and over we slip away. As we battle with the choices we have made. But patient and steady You remain. Perfectly consistent in Your ways. Well, You could say, You told us so. In black and white, so long ago. But that’s not Your style. That much I know. You take us back and Let It Go. You could say, You told me so. But that’s not Your style, so You let it go.


debut CD "Your Voice" released January, 2006

Set List

Includes praise and worship songs (examples: Above All, Open the Eyes of My Heart, Shout to the Lord) as well as original songs included on Peg's CD "Your Voice" and others not yet recorded.