Peggy Hustad

Peggy Hustad


Country and contemporary Christian, with a pop/rock feel.


I was a counselor in NC, but now I'm a songwriter in TN. I sang in the rock band "Eidolon", with a couple of my songs cut on our album "Chief Consolations". Also, I sang with the blues band "The Charismatics" and with a couple of folk/rock duos. I'm grateful to be in Nashville, learning from the best songwriters in the world!



Written By: Peggy Hustad, Bill Flowerree

Don’t wanna plain vanilla world
I gotta have variety
Didn’t think one man could be all I want
Every flavor I need, but…

Here you are, hot as Cajun fire
You’re as cool as mint tea on ice
Here we are, so alive tonight
Pour it on, baby, you’re the spice

Heat me up like a jalapeño
I need another burning kiss
Gotta craving for a taste of your love
With that extra kick

Chorus (with tag):
You’re giving me everything, giving me everything
You’re the spice

Cinnamon and a bit of cayenne
Sweet as it gets with a little edge
Tender and tough, you stir me up
With just a touch of dangerous
You satisfy my appetite
But I still can’t get enough

Chorus (with tag)


Released an EP called "Inspired" (rock, pop, and blues) and an album called "Pilgrimage" (contemporary Christian).