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Peggy Mann

Grand Lake, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Grand Lake, Colorado, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


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Peggy Mann @ Lang Residence

Grand Lake, Colorado, USA

Grand Lake, Colorado, USA

Peggy Mann @ Gahan/Bacon

Grand Lake, Colorado, USA

Grand Lake, Colorado, USA

Peggy Mann @ Griffin Residence

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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There are so many places these days around the Denver area to see any group or single artist play and the Soiled Dove seems to be one of the more prominent venues. I’ve found that most musicians playing at 6pm on a Saturday are usually a warm up act, trying out new material or just giving the soundboard people some work. I was pleasantly surprised to see on a recent hot Saturday evening that the Soiled Dove was packed to hear a singer songwriter who was far from being a warm up act. In fact later, there were more people “above the dove” on the roof than downstairs for the following band.

Peggy Mann is an artist with a collection of talented musicians that were assembled from Colorado and New Mexico for this release concert. Her Americana styling has most of its roots in folk and country rock with a bit of the blues thrown in for good measure. The backing musicians were strong and flawless.

There were a good number of people from Grand Lake where Peggy Mann plays regularly during the summer at the Gateway Inn. There were many others however that were from the front range to see her. A strong following to say the least and I discovered why.

She has great songwriting skills that remind me of painting a picture with words much like Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon can do so well. She has performed at Swallow Hill and certainly her music seems to be right in pace with other talented performers honing their craft at this famous music hall. I found it refreshing to hear lyrically adult themes about a son-in-law getting ready to be part of a new family, the daughter leaving home, or reminiscing about the years that have gone by from the winter days packing up the car in Chicago and seeing the grandparents around the holidays in Minnesota. She even wrote about people she knew like a gentleman in attendance with a big gorgeous cowboy hat with the weathered face, jeans and boots and described him as he might be featured in an airline travel magazine about a cowboy in Colorado. Peggy described him so well, but it seemed to be more than those specific instances.

She wrote these songs so that we could easily identify with the people described in them and relate it to our own lives. It is hard in this day and age to find songs so vivid in detail and so accessible to our own adult lives. Peggy is clearly a performer that has earned and will have a larger following after hearing this new release. “Connections” is the name of her album and I can hear the connection in my own life as well as my friends lives in her music. Maybe we are too busy to run around like teenagers hopping into a VW bus and going on tour with her, but it is great that Peggy is out there writing songs that we can connect with as we go down life’s highway...

Reviewed by Brian Thompson Production of Special Effects Impulse Theatre
And DJ with 99.5 The Mountain
- Brian Thompson Denver Radio Personality Impulse Theater Special Effects Director

Mann's TV ad a source of fame

By Elana Ashanti Jefferson
Denver Post Staff Writer

Peggy Mann is a singer-songwriter at the heart of Colorado's music culture.

She's an accomplished musician with a flair for capturing an audience with down-tempo country-rock wrapped around personal narratives. Playing "Americana" even before that term became vogue, Mann's milestones include recording with Eric Clapton's drummer, Steve Gadd, and penning a campaign song for one of Gary Hart's successful U.S. Senate campaigns.

The Chicago native named her new album "Connections" because universal human drama compels her songwriting and performances. We caught up to Mann - a frequent face around Grand County during the summer months - to talk about her expansive career.

Q: You have great pitch. We hear you also write a great pitch.

A: Yeah, a lot of people know my voice from an American Furniture Warehouse commercial. It was a 60-second spot that ran for 13 years. It's kind of become a running joke because people still come up to me and say, 'Aren't you the woman from American Furniture Warehouse?' If I would have known that it was going to run so long I might have structured (the song) differently, but I was younger then. I've done commercials forever now. I couldn't even tell you how many.

Q: You were once on the Chicago supper club circuit. Were you ever inspired to write about food?

A: The song would have be something like "I never met a food I didn't like." Food brings me a lot of joy. (Eating) is an emotional experience for me. One of my favorite things to do is go out and eat and socialize with my friends. My hangout is a place called Armando's. It's a great Italian restaurant in Aurora close to my house. Armando (Sarlo) is from Italy. He's a warm, loving, fun character. I could write a song about Armando, actually.

Q: What's the worst-case scenario for a singer (like you) who has performed the national anthem at Coors Field?

A: Forgetting the words. It's a nerve-racking song in the first place because it's not easy to sing. If you don't start on the right note, you'll end up in the key of Q, and there is no key of Q! It was a nerve-racking experience but it was cool because you can look up and see yourself on the Jumbotron. But I never really liked seeing myself on anything that makes me look that big. Women will understand that.

Peggy Mann's new CD, "Connections," is available through online retailers and her website, Mann plays the Gateway Hotel in Grand Lake at 6:30 p.m. Friday.

Staff writer Elana Ashanti Jefferson can be reached at 303-820-1957 or
- Denver Post Newspaper

2009 Sky Hi News Article written by Cyndi McCoy

"When Peggy Mann was a little girl, her father told her that God gave her a special gift.

"He said the gift was given to me so I could share my love of the Lord in a musical way," she said.

Little did Mann know that her father's words would become so significant to her as an adult. After "a year of inspiration," her faith has taken her music in a new direction and she excited to announce the release of a new representative album, "Grace Notes."

The singer/songwriter and guitarist has been creating music since the late 1970s, with lyrics that entail positive images about everyday life and things "that get into your heart." Her Americana style has captured Grand County and regional audiences for more than two decades. Also known for her great stage presence, she presents two live shows this weekend to introduce the new CD.

Mann received much of the inspiration for the new work after earning runner-up honors at the 34th Annual Gospel Music Awards. To her surprise the competition fired up her faith and broadened her musical horizons. She came away from the competition, her first-ever appearance at the GMA, with renewed inspiration and has been a "writin' crazy fool" since.

She learned a lot about herself throughout the GMA and said it has "deepened" her walk with God. It confirmed what she wanted to do with herself and that he "is blessing my work. ... (God has) given me the words, he's given me the music."

Through "Grace Notes," her passionate songs and melodies shine through 14 new songs. The list includes "Daddy I Wish You Could See Me Now", which honors her father's belief in God and her music.

This weekend's concerts will be backed up by the Peggy Mann Band: Larry Bacon (bass), Steve Cormey (guitar/banjo), Ken Lund (percussion), Mickey Sandora (electric guitar), Trish Leone (backup vocals), Mike and Patrick Weadick (drums and keyboard), and Johnny Neill (violins). Tickets for Saturday's show are available at the Grand Lake Art Gallery, and at the door for Sunday's performance (specially geared toward families and local churches).

With enough material for "at least one more album," Mann said, "who knows what the future will bring?" She has never felt better in her life and feels like she has "so much to share." Along those lines she is also opening Mann-Made Studio to help other artists."
- Sky Hi News


Grace Notes CD Released 2009
Connections CD Released 2005
Tenderness CD Released 1999
Songs of Choice CD ( limited edition sold out) 2003



Peggy Mann is an award-winning singer-songwriter who has recorded in Colorado,

California and Nashville and has 7 CDs to her credit. Peggy’s latest CD released

June 2014 was recorded in Nashville with producer Monty Powell. Monty Powell

has penned songs with Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts just to name

a few! This latest CD called “Don’t Waste Time” is as Powell says, “the best calling

card ever.”

Peggy’s CD will be radio worthy in the Americana market and with all the heavy

hitters behind her, it is sure to make a musical mark! Peggy’s vocals placed her 1st

in the Colorado Composers Classic in the best vocalist category and 1st place for

best country song in the same contest. Her song “Undercover” placed 1st in a New

York-based songwriting contest where she recorded the winning song with world

famous drummer, Steve Gadd, long time drummer for Eric Clapton and BB King.

Peggy has recorded over 250 radio commercials with one running for 13 years. She

was also 1st runner up in the Gospel Music Association in 2008 and Entertainer of

the Year 2010 in Grand County, CO. Whether it’s opening for Nanci Griffith in

Snowbird, Utah, singing the National Anthem at Colorado Rockies’ games, doing a

private house concert or playing at numerous venues throughout this country, it’s all

about connecting with her audience. A comment so often heard about her music is,

“Hey, she wrote that song about me,” as listeners can relate to all she sings about.

For more information please visit her website at:

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