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pegelg & Science-non-Fiction music id really different . we don't try and be different we just are check us out we tour all the time !!! its all a good show and we have a lot of fun lots of crazy energy!!!!!


Youngest of five children . Born in NJ
rasied in NJ,NY, and south Fl . Pegleg is part of Science NON Fiction a crazy south fl hiphop group that is one of a kind ... he performes with the group Deficit & Provost
or rocks tours alone !!!
influences? every song played by the clear channel since 1980 !!!
you really have to see me perfom to understand !


sampler one (spring) ( 2002-2003) 200 copies

sampler two(winter) (2003-2004) 200 copies

DarkHorsenoKnight Album 2004 Science Non Fiction
1000 copies
Savingface Album 2005-2006
1000 copies

Set List

rapping with a lap-top or a cd player !!!