Peg Roach Loyd / Cup of Tea

Peg Roach Loyd / Cup of Tea


Peg Roach Loyd (singer/songwriter, guitar/bodhrán) has a soothing voice that hints of her Irish ancestry. She writes clever and engaging songs in traditional Celtic and American folk styles telling stories of Irish history, emigration, musical craic (the Irish word for fun), love and parting.

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The Fiddler's Feet

Written By: Peg Roach Loyd

The fiddler's feet danced in her shoes
Tapping the time to the beat of the tune
The music lighthearted uplifting the soul
The moment she started to lift up her bow
Others joined in, in a rush to partake
The magic she started we mustn't foresake
The gift her mom prayed for delivered tenfold
The fiddler's music was much to behold!

For hours she fiddled reel after reel
An occasional jig thrown in for appeal
A nod to the others signaled the change
As smoothly she led them to broaden their range
And so she encouraged the kids who were there
To follow their dreams and play with good care,
For the beat of the music had entered their souls
Connecting their hearts, what a sight to behold!

Her patience was plenty when I started a tune,
She graciously joined me as notes filled the room
Others soon followed, as we played along,
The sound of the music was joyful and strong,
As whistles and fiddles and flutes filled the room
The bodhran kept beating the heart of the tune
The uillean piper added a flair
As our Irish usic filled the night air!

There's no better location than John D. McGurk's
For the "hangover" session for those who will lurk,
The music was hearty and the Guinness on tap,
As the fiddler's fiddle took a much-needed nap.
And Donal from Cork sang a beautiful song,
With a child in his arms, his voice filled with charm.
Her eyes how they sparkled, as she watched him sing,
A beautiful love song fit for a queen.

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At last the day ended with a flurry of tunes,
Too many to name, if only we knew,
The craic, it was mighty, as we played along
The energy flowing as equally strong.
The fiddler fiddled, as the end it drew near.
Her feet, they kept dancing, the crowd gave a cheer,
Great recognition for a hell of a show,
For the fiddler's music was much to behold!