Pelding & Joy Morgan

Pelding & Joy Morgan



Pelding & Joy Morgan - SPINE

Danish trio Pelding has teamed up with vocalist Joy Morgan. This is a short abstract on the group, the singer and their newly released album SPINE.

Pelding has already released two records to critical accl.. The quirky EP 'The Skunk' (Jazz Fudge, 1997), which is already a collector's item. And the full-length 'Pelding' (Jazz Fudge, 2002), which consolidated their name as one of the truly original outfits in the hip hop perimeter.

But Pelding has noticeable merits other than their group albums, too: Guitarist/bass player Jonas Engberg has toured extensively with DJ Vadim and appears on the British DJ's forthcoming album. And keyboard player Thor Sørensen has remixed the likes of Danish rock comets Mew. But the name that will probably raise eyebrows here is turntablist and keyboard player Peder Pedersen: As a part of the production team The Prunes, he has released several EPs on labels such as Grand Royal. As a remixer, he has transformed songs by Beastie Boys and DJ Krush, among many others.

What makes Pelding special, then? Well, since day one the group has made the use of live instrumentation their trademark. Not live instrumentation as in happy-go-lucky funk, but as in tight, and sometimes dark, mood music. This time, they have taken a break from rap music and joined forces with subtle and soulful vocalist Joy Morgan, who has worked with the likes of Danish bands Dynamo and Nobody Beats the Beats.

The result is astounding. The almost brutally stripped-down, often jazzy beats and Morgan's dry voice is a beautiful match. This is European soul music if such a thing ever existed.