Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

We blend psychedelic rock, progressive rock and electronic with a science fiction theme. Commanding grooves guide our guitars and synthesizers through time. Epic leads and incendiary melodies are superimposed over unconventional rhythms. Live cosmic video is projected behind us. We are space rock.


Formed in 2009, Harrisonburg, Virginia's Pelicanesis brings music from the afar, blending psychedelic and experimental rock, chiptune, surf, dub, and who knows what else with a heavy synth overtone. Flaunting space suits, all four members are proficient multi-instrumentalists. Pelicanesis gets extremely Pink Floyd-ey while maintaining their own unique electronically-infused space rock sound, jumping between the influences of Muse, Calexico, John Carpenter’s film scores, the Protomen and classic videogames.  Pelicanesis merges the cosmic sounds of space-rock with live psychedelic video editing for an original science fiction performance.


Pelicanesis EP: Includes "Water Down the Drain," "King On His Horse," "Can I Take You Home," "Lazer Arm," and "Redemption."

Pelicanesis Album (in mixing stage): Includes "A Robotic People," "Across the Galaxy," "Incompatible Device," "A New Sun," "Ralph" and "Radioactive Thunder."

Singles: "Black Holes" and "Soma"- can be previewed at

Set List

Varies- We have different sets depending on the venue and time allotted. We can play up to a two and a half hour set.