Pellets On Target

Pellets On Target

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Pellets on Target is a 4 piece original band with a unique sound due to a blend of classic and modern rock. They appeal to fans ranging from their teens to their 60's due to ear friendly songs and an original sound.


Although classified as rock, Pellets on Target touches many different genres of influential music in their songs. Rather than going with one specific genre or sound like so many other bands, Pellets On Target decided to just play all natural music that just feels right to play. Everyone in the band has their own influences, which all come together in the melting pot of music the band brings to the table.

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Attic Breeze - Debut Album released in June of 08'
14 songs, 79 minutes

Their has been on Castlerock Radio in Colorado, in Canada, and will be in Vegas and Orlando soon. Pellets On Target has a studio Interview and performance coming up at Q's House in February, which is an Orlando radio show.

Attic Breeze has also been submitted to Clear Channel in the NE, which they may play in the future.

Set List

Pellets On Target can play anywhere from 15 minutes to double sets with acoustic intermissions that can last up to two hours total time. Different sets keep the fans coming back for more...