An infectious blend of Japanese-infused pop versus guitar-laden indie rock intended to tear your heart out with its unforgiving melodies and lyrical content. Peloton have filtered all that is good in the world of modern music into one cohesive sound.


Peloton is an indie pop/rock band based in San Francisco, California. Its members come from diverse backgrounds with roots in Japan, Texas, and Detroit. Their unique blend of influences and origin is instantaneously evident in the music they create.

Songwriting and singing duties are split between keyboardist Miyako Ueki and guitarist Brian Jackson. They began working on music together in the spring of 2003. After completing a home demo, they set out to form a proper band. Dustin Robinson, a childhood friend of Brian’s from Texas was recruited on drums. William Taylor was brought in on bass and Peloton was ready to take their first steps.

The band spent the better part of 2005 writing, rehearsing, and recording their self-titled EP. The group’s debut release is bursting with well-written melodic songs ranging from lush space rock to traditional upbeat pop, to more plaintive, head-on-the-bar numbers.

In October of 2005, Peloton played their first ever live show at the historic Fillmore West. It was then that they were joined by long time friend, musician and sound engineer, David Cuetter, on guitar. Since then, the band has been playing shows in San Francisco as well as promoting their EP online, in record shops, and at their infectious live performances.

On songs like Blue Field, the band creates visions of luscious Japanese hillsides as viewed from a bullet train. Their fuzz-washed, sun-scorched track “We Could Be” best sums up the bands intent in its opening line, “We could be melancholy or we could be the Right Stuff.” Peloton moves forward and the music world will want to follow close behind.

Peloton was recently selected for CMJ 2006 and performed Noise Pop 2007 Happy Hour show. They begin recording their first full-length album in April 2007 and will be actively pursuing recording and distribution deals. They will embark on a tour of the northwest in May 2007.


Out of Mind

Written By: Brian Jackson

Hey girl, you're walking my way
You look like you'd like to stay
With someone who looks the way you do

Hey girl, you walk on by
I can see you try to find yourself
In my eyes

My love to you, don't abuse or misuse
And if I give it all, it might not be for good
Its this crippled time
Keeps me going out of mind

Did you happen
Not to tell her
Everything all up front?

Did you manage
Not to wake her
With the things that keep you up?

Hey girl, you're walking my way
I knew that you'd never stay with anyone
Who thought the way we do

Hey girl, you walk on by
I can see you try to find yourself
In their eyes
So bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye

Static Line

Written By: Miyako Ueki

The reason why I feel nostalgic about my childhood is
I am still afraid of being a grown up

Things that I believed in when I was a child turned out to be nothing
I am still afraid of being a grown up

Pure white clouds are floating in the sky like cotton candy

I can see beautiful jet stream shinning in the sky

We Could Be

Written By: Peloton

We could be melancholy
We could be the Right Stuff
And all the while it wasn't magic
Everybody come on


Peloton EP - October 2005 (Self released)

Tracks Out of Mind, Blue Field, We Could Be and For Anyone Who'll Listen have been in rotation on Insomnia Radio, SOMA FM and BAGel Radio.

available at:
Rasputin Records, Berkeley, CA
Waterloo Records, Austin, TX
Openmind Records, San Francisco, CA
Aquarius Records, San Francisco, CA
Sonic Boom Records, Seattle, WA
Arch Records, Nagoya, Japan

mp3 downloads are available at:
Daiki (Music Online Corp)
Iriver Media Online
Liquid Digital Media
Fake Science
MOD Systems

Peloton featured podcasts:

The Bay Bridged: Episode #13

Insomnia Radio: San Francisco #2 - On the Tiny Telephone

Fake Science Lab Report #24 - "The Grammy Spectacular"
Pacificnosie Interview #183 - Noise Pop Happy Hour

Set List

Out of Mind
For Anyone Who'll Listen
Blue Field
Static Line
Astronomer and Astronaut
Stopping Time
We Could Be
Winning Roses
Laminar Flow

Total 8 to 10 songs
Typical run time is 45 minutes