Houston, Texas, USA

It's the thinking man's hardcore and indie rock's heaviest flask paired in a nice gift wrapped package that won't stop ticking when you put your ear to the box.


PELOTON started as Halston Luna and Zach Keener playing shows together as an instrumental two-piece. They played epic, sludgy, classic rock by way of some cool 90s post-rock bands, ala HUM and SHELLAC.

Denniz Polk heard their demo and loved it.

Denniz had previously played with Halston in tour-hardened FIGHT PRETTY, and since that band was now defunct, Denniz had too much time on his hands and a notebook full of lyrics. Lyrics that came across as someone in a fever dream- someone sitting across from you at a party neither of you belong at, and feeding you tales of an underground scene riddled with hard drugs and soft lighting. He writes lyrics full of double entendres and vague truths. Something like tall tales that you somehow know are honest, except for instead of Paul Bunyan it’s a drug dealer and a few dozen relationships turned sour. A warning of ''stay away, this could happen to you.''

PELOTON played a few shows as a three-piece to great reaction before adding Melissa Ryan on bass. She plays bass like a bolt gun kills cattle: with accuracy, precision and brutality.

With this neck-breaking line-up, PELOTON has released a 10'' EP, TWIST OFF YOUR HEAD!, and they sound completely fresh on their upcoming release, AN UNNATURAL AFFECTION FOR HORNETS.

There is no way to describe PELOTON but to call it the audio equivalent of Dario Argento's gorgeously artistic kill scenes and a mix of their musical influences (Helmet, Hum, Swans, Shellac, The Birthday Party, etc.).



Peloton - self-titled EP self-released March '11

Twist Off Your Head! - EP self-released February '12

An Unnatural Affection for Hornets - EP self-released November '12