Kingston, Ontario, CAN

It's hot, sexy, sweaty rock, that reminds people that music STILL can be fun without being kitchy, immature, or relying on serious subject matter. It's an original kind of music that generates so much energy live that it's hard not to pay attention to, or dance to.


"We want you to come up to the front of the stage and dance and make out!" sums up the way PELT makes you feel watching them live. "Hot, sexy, and sweaty rock n' roll" is how the shows have been described, and the band continues to deliver the goods opening for a variety of bands such as The Idol Sons, Chris Koster and the Lonely, Wide Mouth Mason, Slaves of Spanky, Dandi wind and Greg Macpherson, also proving that it's hard not to enjoy the spicy dance/rock no matter what kind of music you're into. (the band is also pretty darn easy on the eyes too!!!) And it's very hard to ignore the sultry vocalist Genene Maurice as she dances her way around the stage.
Although focused largly on live performances, the band is currently working on their 1st full length album with Pappa D's studios in Trenton, which will feature crowd favorites such as "love rocket, Mr.T, Neon Nights, and Make-out/Freak-out" PELT also has also garnered radio play on Kingstons K-ROCK, and Toronto's THE EDGE with the single from their EP (Vacancy) "5 Finger Touch"
It's an infectious kind of energy that the band generates, and a very original sound that blends a tight/dancey rhythm section with Rock n' roll guitar, hot keyboards and sexy, high energy vocals, and as one fan put it "this show revived my faith in music".


-Vacancy "EP" 2005
1 - Bank Robbery
2 - Pappa Jack's Dance Bone
3 - 5 Finger Touch
4 - Miss Kitty
5 - Tide Me Over

-Pappa D's Weapons Grade Audio Vol.2 (compilation)
Featuring "Love Rocket" (track 2) by Pelt

-Airplay on Kingston's KROCK 105.7 with the tracks "5 finger touch" and "love Rocket"
-Airplay on Toronto's THE EDGE 102.1 with the track "5 finger touch"

Set List

Currently our typical set list is about 35 - 40 minutes long consisting of the following songs...

The New Song
The New New song
Neon Nights
Pulsing Lights
Pappa Jacks Dance Bone
Love Rocket
Glorybox (Portishead)
5 Finger Touch
Make out/Freak out

Generally we try to play as much original material as possible however we do play cover songs from time to time just to change things up a bit. These songs include...

Glorybox - Portishead
Rock Lobster - The B-52's
Maps - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!!