"a rootsy, weary sound reminiscent of Nancy Griffith and early Richard Buckner records, depending on who is singing." -Bend Bulletin


A collaboration between two singer-songwriters of folk, traditional country, roots and rock backgrounds, Pelusa provides listeners a continually changing musical landscape. Trading lead vocal and harmony lines while alternating between combinations of bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and harmonica, the Seattle-based duo weave ideas of love, humor, loneliness, politics, and everyday hard work into songs of thoughtful commentary with no small amount of tongue-in-cheek wit. This is the unique and unmistakable sound of Pelusa. With McDermott’s quiet scratchy baritone balancing Provencher’s more assertive alto, their live performances are at once both vulnerable and bold, a foot-stomping, lonesome, wisecracking heartache of a time.


"every indication" - LP released 2006 *
"where you were before" - LP released 2005

* top ten of 2006- Sean Donovan, KBCS

Set List

pelusa can play a quick 30-min opening set, or do a strong all-night show if need be.
current short set includes tracks from the new album- "every indication"
all-night set includes many more originals, plus traditinal tunes and covers - from mellow Townes Van Zandt to upbeat Johnny Cash.