This is timeless music centered in the traditions of hard rock with elements of blues, classical, and pop. Songwriting is the band's cornerstone. Strong vocals and harmonies compliment powerful instrumental arrangements. The songs are memorable and addictive.


Penchant is a rock band formed in 2007 out of Denver, Colorado. The principle songwriters are a husband and wife team, Dan Gorklo on guitar and Lori Gorklo on vocals and rhythm guitar. Lori hails from Los Angeles California where she performed with various bands up and down the coast. She moved to Denver where she met Dan a local guitar teacher and performer. They share a love of rock, blues and classical music which shapes their writing style. Greg Blankenship adds the solid bottom with five string bass lines as he lays it down with drummer Dwayne Hofstetter. The music is a varied yet cohesive combination of electric and acoustic guitar sounds, imaginative vocal lines and picturesque lyrics.


Misery's Saloon

Written By: Jeff Forsberg/Danny Masters

Hey fellas, tell me whats new
Pull up a chair, I've been waiting for you
I've seen a lotta broken hearts come this way
Just another victim of Miss Misery
The taller you stand/the harder you fall
She's gonna tell you her love is for real, once you chase her down you never know how you feel
Broken hearts in a smokey room
You taste the sorrow like a wicked perfume
Heaven knows what this lady will do
Just another regular at Misery's Saloon
Now Misery, she's out for blood
Her evil body's just a bait for your love
She's gonna tempt you with her devilish sin
Devil comes a knockin don't you let her in
Misery's game is one you can't win
She's gonna tell you her love is for real
Once you chase her down you never know how you feel
Broken hearts in a smokey room
You taste the sorrow like a wicked perfume
Check your hopes, check your dreams at the door
the whiskey flows like blood on the floor

All Over Now

Written By: Lori Gorklo

All Over Now

Promises fade like summer shade
So many dreams, so little doubt
But it's all over now
The corner turned and the roses burned
And through the tears I smile somehow
But it's all over now
My heart could barely stand the pain when you called to say goodbye and left me that way
We walk into tomarrows shadows seperately
And when you run into trouble will you reach for me?
Questions in the back of your mind still need answering
I will wish on every star 'til you come back to me
What about our Love?
It's all over now...
The autum blaze now winter grey
We shared the best time would allow
But it's all over now
In my heart you were everything, that one big chance of a lifetime taken away
Can you hear our laughter echo in your dreams?
Tell me is your circumstance what you thought it would be?
I'm afraid that our romance will haunt me endlessly
I will wish on every star 'til you come back to me
What about our Love?


Our debut CD 'Azure' is available now! 'til the Moon goes Away', the first single, is already streaming on and Also 'Look My Way' is streaming on Our song ' All Over now' is featured only on 'Colorado Bands Together', a compilation of Colorado's best up and coming acts to benefit Home Health Care and affiliates. Danny has released 3 other CD's including 'Electric Babylon' 1997, ''til the Moon Goes Away' 2000, and 'Keepers of the Time' in 2006. 'Texas Wind' currently has streaming on the Colorado Wave, and has also had airplay on the Fox 103.5 Denver. 'Winterpark' has been featured on the Fox and the Bear 107.9 Fort Collins along with 'Scarlet Heart'.' Dominion' currently has streaming on the Colorado Wave.
Danny Masters Band rendition of ' Since I've Been Loving You', featured on the Mountain Home Grown V and also receiving airplay on the Mountain 99.5
Featured Artist on Guitar Nine's Handz of Danz. Also Danny's rendition of 'Stormy Monday' has recently been played on the Colorado Wave cover playlist along with his cover of 'Red House'.

Set List

Keep it Cool 35 min set
The Raven
Gods of War
I'm the One
Lone Star Woman
Keepers of the Time
Through the Eyes of God
Look My Way

an alternate set list would be
Winter Park
Cristian in India
The River
On My Way
Baby Blue
Bad Heart Condition
To You My Love I send
'til the Moon Goes Away
usually bands play 45-50 min sets but we always have ample material, when we play a cover gig we do a combination of originals and 70's, 80's and 90's popular rock and blues standards like Led Zeppelin, SRV, and more danceable funky stuff.
We also have sets of 'unplugged' music which include songs from the previous list of originals with additional ballads and blues material.