That Kelly Boy’s acoustic style and keen sense of melody belie a darker side that dwells within the lyrics and show a vulnerability and intelligence not common in today’s popular music. By keeping it simple and direct that Kelly Boy’s writing is as honest as it gets.


Breezing off the west coast shores, relaxing in the downtown east-side in Vancouver's Chinatown is a musical hangout and a breadth of influential characters. These elements bond and the result is Pender.

Pender is the musical equivalent of Neil Young's Crazy Horse and Wilco having a potluck with Nirvana and Evan Dando. It’s a gathering of influences of country through punk rock, 80’s synth to brit pop beats and a side of grunge for good measure served on unpretentious white paper plates.

Named after the Vancouver street that's a backdrop for their musical and non-musical fun loving debauchery vocalist Chris Kelly, guitarist Ryan Ogilvie, drummer Brett Galliford, keyboardist Lara Farcasan and bassist Derrek Kittson sizzle through a casual set that turns any scene into a fun party.

Chris Kelly and Ryan Ogilvie formed That Kelly Boy in 2001 after the demise of their first band, Dorothy. That Kelly Boy showcased at New Music West and Canadian Music Week with stripped down sets that got back to basics much like the release of their first record Lonely Lake on Copperspine Records in 2002.

After a series of makeshift bands, mutual friends and social mixers, That Kelly Boy filled out with new members who transformed the sound into something completely new by the introduction of different influences brought on by the new members. Many barbecues later, Pender was solidified.

Pender's source of lyrical inspiration is diverse as well. Their collection of songs range from international laundry habits, the elderly boarding airplanes, and junkies at cash machines, semi-fictious relationships all with a sense of earnestly vulnerability uncommon in today's modern rock.

Take your ears to the streets and join the musical libations with Pender.


LP 2007
Lonely Lake (by That Kelly Boy - Copperspine Records - 2003)

Set List

Laundry in London
San Francisco
Goldstone Walker