Pendulum Theory

Pendulum Theory


Pendulum Theory is a band that is raw, edgy and in your face combined with expression and emotion.


Performing on the stage with bands like Powerman 5000, Scum of the Earth and Drowning Pool when you’re beginning your band career together can be humbling to say the least. Not to mention making an appearance on the Harder/Faster stage at the annual Locobazooka (who’s being headed by one of the great Rock Legends, Alice In Chains) after only being in rehearsal with their newly acquired drummer for a couple of weeks. But with a lot of hard work, perseverance and the support of New England concerts, PENDULUM THEORY has quickly solidified their presence in the New England area.

With influences consisting of Black Sabbath, Pantera, Mudvayne, Sevendust and Korn to name a few, the band blends the edgy, chunky riffs of Matt Murphy with the fierce, pulsating bass of Brian Huberdeau backed by the solid percussion by drum prodigy Evan Gianoulis. With the growling, yet, at times, harmonious vocals of Chad Hickman, the foursome from the outskirts of Boston are proudly representing what this area has long been known for within the local music scene.

Their self-produced debut CD “Chaos To Order”, which was released in 2006, contains a blend of harsh melodies that every fan appreciates. From the harmonious ballad of “Jaded” to the heart-pounding intensity of “Fade Away”, “Chaos To Order” contains a mixture of mostly moshing, in-your-face heavyweights.

Since the addition of Gianoulis, the band has been focusing on reinventing some of their original songs with a fresh, new beat and soon plan to head back into the studio to lay tracks for their new material they hope to release by the end of the year.

Between their energetic stage performance and drive to their consistent dedication to improvement and solidification, PENDULUM THEORY prove to be a band with a very promising future. For more insight into the band, upcoming shows and to listen to or purchase their music, check them out at: or


Chaos to Order

Set List

What Lies Beneath
Save Yourself
No Way Out
Fade Away