Penelope Sky

Penelope Sky


P-Sky is where music wants to go. Dance Rock Club Party music! Glamour and Sex appeal clash with raw talent and energy. PSky writes, produces, and records their own material. Everyone is addicted and cheering for Penelope Sky!


Penelope Sky is the latest creation of LoKee Entertainment Inc.

Penelope Sky is one of the freshest bands in Miami and has been generating a buzz in town with their energetic and sexy live show as well as their unique take on electronic dance pop. This all girl power trio, composed of drums, keyboards and vocals, draws influences from a combination of current artists, such as Lady Gaga and MGMT, and 80's icons like Madonna and Michael Jackson. The Penelope Sky girls met at the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, where they got degrees in performance and music engineering. Writing and recording all of their own music, Penelope Sky strives to make a splash in today's pop scene as strong and talented women in control of their musical identity. Penelope Sky is currently recording a debut album as well as performing in some of Miami's most prominent live music venues.


Find U

Written By: Penelope Sky

Are we looking at the same moon 2nite
can u feel it?
Are u close or are u far away?
Have I passed u by and not even known we where meant to be... it's our destiny.

I've been waiting for so long but I can wait forever
Baby if your're the one then we can be together forever
Na Na Na Forever Forever

I'm Trying to Find U
Where Can I find U
I'll go anywhere If Ur Love takes me there
Just let me Find U

When Ur heart beats...feel it beating with mine
Take a deep breathe...and close ur eyes and see me
Just imagine how it's gonna be
When it's finally
just U and me

Make It Happen

Written By: Penelope Sky


Break all the rules
Reject convention
Start something new
Command attention

How bad do you want it...

Cant stop wont stop, got to make it happen
Callin shots, on top, got to make...
Number one gettin some, got to make...
You and me, got to make...

No inhibitions
Ill get whats mine
Im on a mission
Cant waste no time

How bad do you want it...
Cant stop wont stop...

Mamma youre the boss, take it top, never let it stop
You know how to do it to it

Just Another Break Up Song (JABS)

Written By: Penelope Sky


Baby you couldve been the one for me
But im gettin over you
Are you happy, are you sad
Are you havin fun without me

Just another break up song
Im not sayin nothin new
Just another, just another break up song
Just like when the sun comes up
Wakin up to somethin new
Just another, just another break up song

I know we had good times
Theyre all that i remember
But im gettin over you
Do you miss me, do you care
Do you ever think about me

Just another break up song...

In my dreams i see you
And its just like we used to be
But now whrn i see you
You act like someone i dont know
Its over, im singin

Just another break up song...

Ooh boy you ler me go
And now im singin just another break up song
Yea i know youve heard it all before
Just a nother break up song, yea

House Party

Written By: Penelope Sky

Call the crew its goin down around eleven thirty
Spread the word, tell your friends, were gonna have a party
Red cups, tap the keg, got to grt it started
Sickest party in the 305

I cant wait to rage it up tonight
Gonna bump those jams is bout that time
Welcome to the house party

Open the door its everyone you know
Havin a good time lettin go
Soon the juice is gonna take control
Youll be the life of the party
Say oh oh... If youre the life of the party
Say oh oh... We are the life of the party

Dance party in the front bout to get it started
Chillers on the couch we know what youre all about
Whats your mood, attitude, we got somethin for you
In the back theres a room, experiment and abuse
Your right to party
Sickest party in the 305

Things are gettin blurry, a little crazy but you like it
Anything you dont remember you can check on facebook

Open the door...

We aint stoppin till the popo come
Gonna party till the break of dawn

Dirty Girl

Written By: Penelope Sky

See me standin here and i want you to know
Just how i feel and what i want from you
Don't get to close
Want you to watch me first
Once i get mine
Then maybe youll get yours

I just wanna get naughty naughty naughty
I just came here to party party party
Watch how i move my body body body

Ima move you, use you, love and abuse you
Push you, pull you, school you and fool you
Cause im a dirty dirty girl

Boys you better watch out cause tonight im on a hunt
Gonna make you fall in love with me,
Thats what i do for fun


recording Debut EP "Music Dance Revolution"

Set List

Ready Set Go
Make It Happen (MIH)
JABS (Just another Break up Song)
Piece of This
House Party
Music Dance Revolution (MDR)
Find U
Wa Gwan
Dirty Girl

Play cover tunes for venues that require