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"Songs Stand Out"

Mermaid Review
Penelope Torribio is a uniquely talented songwriter, educator and gift to our planet. The artist knows how to reach the hearts of children of all ages with her imaginative, storytelling compositions, blending folk, blues and roots styles with 16 songs on her new cd, "Under the Blue Blue Sea." Penelope is well known for her teaching expertise with puppetry, storytelling and an eclectic lovefilled energy that lifts everyone's spirits about 6 feet higher when she performs on stage or visits with other songwriters or friends at events. The music production is pure magical simplicity featuring Penelope's voice and faithful "Willie Nelson strumming guitar" as her only companions on this recording. What makes "Under the Blue Blue Sea" standout from other children's music is it's brilliant way of blending a child's fairytale dream with the very adult reality of global warming, trash in the oceans and pollution in our air.

The accompanying Lyric and Coloring Book is complimented by the drawings and artwork of Penelope with puzzles by Suzanne Ross. Penelope is the narrator/singer who tells the story of a young girl who is asked to trade places with a mermaid, Mira, in "Mermaid Song". "Wouldn't it be cool, wouldn't it be fine, if we could trade places, some of the time?...Ride on a dolphin, meet all my friends, find pirate's treasure then trade back again?"

The story carries on throughout the cd where the little girl/mermaid (listener) learns a different lesson along the way about ecology from the various creatures in the ocean she meets. "Won't you miss the golden sand below you, the crash of the waves on the shore" the little girl/mermaid sings in "Watch What You Wish For". Performing the voices of all the diverse characters introduced throughout the storyline, Penelope is a delight conjuring up "Crash the Turtle" who heads up the ocean's "Trash Patrol" or "Crabby the Crab", or "Pearl the Oyster" or "Scar the Shark", each telling the little girl/mermaid their thoughts on what we're doing to their world, our world, "Under the Blue Blue Sea."

Th track, "Guardians of the Earth", says more for ecology awareness in 2 minutes then our leaders in government have said or done to remedy issues in the past 20 years. "It seems that people have been messin' with our planet, taking trees, air, water, all our land for granted." Penelope has created a website,, to encourage us to become part of her visionary "1 World Family" consciousness. A prolific poet/writer/dreamer and storyteller, Penelope has written several other children's books, and also a book of photography "Einstein in my Garden", with bug photos and bug poems. Her folk/country/blues music cd are also available on CD Baby and ITunes with links available through her portal site,

If you have someone who is young at heart, who likes to paint or color or dream while they listen to music they can hum along or sing to, learn positive lessons to share with others, or just plain relax in solitude, then "Under the Blue Blue Sea" would be a delightful addition to your library.

Toni K.

- Songsalive, Toni Koch

"Penelope's Music and Puppets Best Activity"

Your presentation was “best activity” for our event by other participants. Annual Community Literacy Fair, Shriners' Hospital for the Los Angeles and The
Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. Lee Ann Butler-Owens,Director

- Lullelee Publications.

"Penelope called female Jimmie Rogers"

Penelope has been called a female Jimmie Rogers for her ability to put real experiences into songs. She says that even when writing in the voices of dinosaurs (she writes children's musicals, as well as country, blues and folk), she tries to capture real feelings, like how it feels to be teased or to fly. Visit to learn more about this vivacious, talented woman. Glen Horton - Creative Line, AHA! Artist Helping ARtist

"Subject Matter That Truly Matters"

Penelope's children's music have what numerous grownup albums have lacked: witty lyrics, catchy tunes...and a subject matter that truly matters. - L.A. Poetry Festival, Suzanne Lummis


"Under the Blue Blue Sea," sea ecology and mermaid songs.
"The Rain is Coming," rain forest songs.
"Dinosaur Dance." how not to go extinct
"Guardians of the Earth," all kinds of animal songs
"The Grass is Green," farm animal
"Sing the Calendar Songs"
"Headed for a Good Time," band country
"Family Man," acoustic country
"Watch Out I'm Singing the Blues," solo acoustic blues
"Family Man," solo acoustic
"Headed for A Good Time, " album country,
Upcoming, "Treat Me Like your Cat and Songs Like That."
Female on Fire compilation, first CD



Penelope Torribio, a teacher and a mother of two, who had never played an instrument, written a song, or sung outsider her bathroom, bought a ten-dollar guitar at a swapmeet and a guitar instruction book. She had no idea that her life was about to change—drastically. Penelope taught herself a few chords, but wasn’t ready to go on to the next song in the book so she wrote her own song and then more songs. Within six month she had her first paying gig with all original songs; within two years she had her own country band, “Penelope and a Little Bit of Gold.” She played most of the major country clubs in Southern California, not to mention most of the minor country clubs, opening up for George Straight, She was awarded “The Vocalist of the Year” award from the California Country Music Association, made an album and signed a shaky recording contract.

The club scene changed and Penelope began to do the festival circuit with, Otis Roy, The Pomona Blue Yodeler, a Jimmie Roger’s impersonator. She played guitar for Otis, played her own songs and presented an award-winning imitation of Minnie Pearle. She also made a video Special about Jimmie Roger’s and the musicians who loved him. Her video is in the Nashville Hall of Fame.

During her work with Otis Penelope became more aware of the environment. After a trip to the rain forest she turned her talents to writing ecology songs. Combining skills as a puppeteer, writer, and musician Penelope began to give interactive musical puppet shows which encourage people of all ages to become guardians of the earth. She has performed in such places as India and Thailand as well as Southern California. Penelope continues to write and perform in all genre’s, but she has a special interest in writing songs about caring for our planet and the people on it.

2007 Penelope was given the Red Carpet Award from Women in Theatre, The Hope Award, from the Hope Music Institute for her contribution to music and the children of Los Angeles.

Penelope is presently in recording for her new album, “Treat Me Like Your Cat and Songs Like That." She is a member of Warrior Girls, is on the first Female on Fire compilation, and numerous other compilations. Please visit Penelope at or You can contact her at (909) 868-0995