New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

PENGUIN is a two-man grunge/rock explosion that sounds like there's an army on stage. Once you've experienced one of their shows, you'll be craving more rock in your face than you ever thought was possible.


There are many parishes in the great state of Louisiana but there is only one that is referred to as Da' Parish and from there is where Penguin was born. Formed in 1994 by two childhood friends, Michale Molero and Mickey Harrison, the band has seen many different incarnations but the core of the band has stayed the same.
Penguin's sound grew out of the early 90's alternative rock sound. Although, the band has grown musically it still has it's unforgettable grunge/punk blend. Penguin has contributed songs to the Superdrag Tribute Project Vol 1 & 2 (2001 & 2004 respectively) and self produced a total of 10 eps/lps; with the their most recent one, "Your Anguish Sustains Me (YASM)" (2006), getting many reviews and talk. Upon releasing "YASM" the band went on a 3 week tour with the Frauds (Orange Records/High Wire Music) to promote the album. During this three week period the band played several different cities between Austin, TX and Boston, MA.

After returning, Penguin has been working on their next project; which is near completion. The band is currently (2008) booking more local and regional shows to promote their next release. Many are anticipating the new release and are glad to see this band back on stage.


Minnow (EP 1995)
Technical Difficulties (LP 1996)
Fishy Green Stuff (EP 1996-97)
Fork Sheet Peas (LP 1997)
R.ampage (LP 1999)
Shaded Jade (LP 2000)
This Ain't No Sissy Rock...(LP 2004)
Pre-K (EP 2005)
Your Anguish Sustains Me (EP 2006)


Set List

Sets are comprised of all original music typically 45min - 60min in length. However, there is enough material to play longer if needed.

Sets from the past
Final Blow
Whiskey Bay
Home Wrecker
Rusty Gulch