Penguins Kill Polar Bears
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Penguins Kill Polar Bears

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"‘the aeroplane through the roof’ method,"

thought-provoking lyrics were accompanied with crashing dynamics – which I will refer to as ‘the aeroplane through the roof’ method, by which it goes from a whisper to an all out attack of the ears in a split second; crushing drum beats pounding along with the bass and ethereal lead lines dancing over the top of everything. - Is This Music

"Sonicbids Artist of the Week"

With powerful dynamics and intricate lyrics, they are poised as one of Edinburgh’s most interesting bands... - Sonicbids

"Post-rock done the right way..."

''Penguins Kill Polar Bears debut release, the Dawn EP, showcases post-rock done the right way. It is epic in every sense and brings to the fore an extremely talented group of young musicians.''

''There is no set formula to the post rock on offer and that is greatly appealing. Too often can this genre be done by the numbers, but Penguins Kill Polar Bears manage to give these massive displays of light and day in very different ways. In contrast to the opening track is closer The Valley that burns away slowly before releasing the pressure and seeing off the EP in unforgettable style.'' - FavoriteSon

"Nothing short of impressed..."

''Dawn EP is the first release from a band who are currently locked away writing their first album and I have to say that I was nothing short of impressed by the confidence of this release, right from the word ‘go’. Of course, in this case, the word go is a fantastically rich number called “Homebound” which takes a long look at you and says “Hello. Yes, you’re right. We are very good.”

''The almost-ballad “In Everything”, a song which could be compared to a musical version of the Purple Quality Street with the listener thinking “that’s pretty smooth” but there’s a nutty, heavy wee surprise in there.''

- Arkmag

"Thrilling music..."

''Penguins Kill Polar Bears deservedly follow in the footsteps of groups like Aereogramme, Biffy Clyro and newer friends and contemporaries like the Xcerts.''

''From the funereal In Everything to the more strident, brow-furrowed Homebound and Sand Castles, this band make often thrilling music.'' - The Scotsman

"Beautiful moments of delicate electric guitars..."

''‘309’ is the highlight of the EP for me. It has beautiful moments of delicate electric guitars thrust into cascading and widespread distortion which is always a pleaser. Additionally, the flickers of dark metal licks between choruses is something that shone and shows that Penguins Kill Polar Bears have the potential to move away stylistically to a derivative of their popular sound.'' - Glasgow Podcart


19.06.10 - 'Dawn' EP (Self Release)
21.02.11 - 'Vessels & Veins' EP (UK - Mountain Halo / US - Dromedary Records)

23.05.11 - 'Sapling' (Mountain Halo)



''Penguins Kill Polar Bears deservedly follow in the footsteps of groups like Aerogramme, Biffy Clyro, and newer friends and contemporaries like The Xcerts.'' - The Scotsman

Formed in the winter of 2008 Penguins Kill Polar Bears play their hope-drenched post-rock to anyone who cares to listen. The band were born from a mutual love of good music, including bands such as Aereogramme, Silverchair, Appleseed Cast and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Vessels & Veins, due for release February 2011, is the second EP from the band. The EP is a sweeping masterpiece, showcasing a band that are as comfortable with experimentation as they are tried and true rock formulae. Each track explodes into action, with walls of reverb-laden guitars layered over the top of throbbing percussion, and offset by Ben's raw vocals.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP Dawn in June 2010, the band have been busy building their profile supporting the likes of The Twilight Sad, The Xcerts and Twin Atlantic. They've also sold out various headline gigs and are, in their own right, a band not to be missed.

"Dramatic 65daysofstatic-style soundscapes with a Gaelic vocal twang. Live shows are equally explosive" - Rocksound

"The band boast a superb guitar and rhythm section, ensuring a sonically explosive soundscape, as on opener Lungs and the weighty Between The Tide; while Proudlock's vocals lend their tunes an unlikely mixture of mosh-pit and radio appeal 4/5" - The Skinny

"The band may employ trademark post-rock guitars and structures, but it’s hard not to like it when they use it so well." - The Digital Fix

"Clearly a step above your average post rock band, these propulsive Scots are only being held back by their frankly dodgy name. That aside, this is a cracking EP with just enough sweeping ambition and imagination to subvert their Joy Division/Mogwai starting points." - 4/5 Artrocker

Penguins Kill Polar Bears featured as Sonicbids 'Indie Pick of the Week' -