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Things Are Looking Up (album, Japan only, 2008)
I've Seen Beauty (single, Playground Music, May 2008)
Yours To Keep (single, Playground Music, March 2008)
Ghost of a Love (album, Playground Music 23 January 2008)
Ghost of a Love (single, Playground Music December 2007)
Shadow of a Doubt (single, Playground Music 2007)
Bending the Rules Again (single, Playground Music 2007)
Runaway Heart (single, Playground Music 2007)
Pennebaker (album 2005, not released in Sweden, only Japan via Philter)
A New Skyline (album, Philter 2003, MVG Records 2005)



Pennebaker's debut album A New Skyline was already halfway done when the band's songwriter, singer and piano player Björn Öqvist realized that an album was actually being made.

A true labour of love, the songwriting had begun in an unpretentious way, triggered by the gigantic musical kick that Björn had got from the Bacharach/Costello collaboration Painted From Memory.

- I wasn't a huge fan of either of them individually, but I loved what happened when they collaborated, Björn says. It directly led to me starting to write on the piano again, after many years of being a typical "front man with a guitar" - something which was in itself a bit strange, since I started out as a piano player.

Björn's "day job" is being a producer, mainly working in his own Corner Soul Studios, where he has produced the succesful Swedish band Kamera, among others. Thanks to having easy access to the studio, Pennebaker's sound has come to life gradually.

- The songs and arrangements have been our main concern. We have been very uninhibited and relaxed in the studio. But now we really look forward to playing live!

The music can be described as piano-based power pop. Totally timeless melodies and life-affirming songs that don't try to be cool or trendy. Feel-good songs to which labels like "major" or "indie" can't be applied and more or less lose their meaning. The album has already been released in Japan, where it has been received well. It was recently released in Pennebaker's native Sweden. But why end there? Pennebaker want as many contries as possible to be able to hear their special brand of pop magic.

Of course it is possible to find liks to Ben Folds Five or early Elton John. Björn also sees no reason to hide his love of Steely Dan. Some may also think of Todd Rundgren at his most accessible. But there is also a new wave-ish trio energy that can be found in songs by bands like The Jam or Supergrass. But most of all, you can hear Björn in Pennebaker's songs.
- It is one of his greatest strengths, Danaiel says. He has the ability to sound like himself. His musical fingerprints are all over the music and I personally never hear any references to other music when he plays new songs to me - I hear Björn. He is also a master of tight, great-sounding backing vocals.

Pennebaker fills a an empty space in today's music. Regardless of how the winds blow and what's the flavour of the month, there will always be room or life-affirming harmonies, happily melancholic lyrics and joyful playing. And regardless of how this album will be received, there is more to come. This is simply far to enjoyable for any of the guys to want to stop. Finally: no, the group's name was not taken from the cult movie director of the same name.
- Some years ago, I read Marlon Brando's auto biography, says self-confessed biography buff Björn. It turned out that Pennebaker was Brando's mother's maiden name. I made a mental note, since I thought that it would make a great name for a group. Then I kept suggesting it to every band I produced that was looking for a name. Nobody seemed to like it, so at last I just used it myself! laughs Björn.