Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade


Songs of substance and intent. Songs that make you think and question your own feelings.


Penny Arcade music describes a time that seems to have been forgotten. It harkens back to a time when there was emphasis on songcraft rather than hits, albums as opposed to singles. This may seem like a dated philosophy but I think there is still a huge amount of people are searching for it. Not that I am the answer, Im happy just being an option. I want to make people recall the days when they would buy an album and play it from beginning to end and have it be an experience. My influences are really anyone who is writing from the heart, as cliche as it sounds, but its very clear when an artist is writing an honest song, and I want nothing more than to portray honesty.


Debut Album to be recorded this winter. I have played on Albums by One Fine Morning (which I am a member of), Jeff Bucci, The Dejas, Leigh Kellis, and Juliana Riccardi

Set List

Walked alone
Dont be Scared
Wont Slow Down
Take Your Time
Going Down Again
Bus Driver
Happy to have
Always around