Penny Jo Pullus

Penny Jo Pullus

 Austin, Texas, USA

Ronnie Spector and Tom Petty had a love child that was brought up Chrissy Hynde and Mick Jagger .They spent all their days listening to Fleetwood Mac and their nights The Faces.


Penny Jo Pullus has been kickin' up her boot heels coast to coast around America and Europe. If you are lucky, you have seen or heard her perform. If not, you are in for a real treat! She is an independent spirit and a songwriter who shuns the confinement of "pigeon holes." Her sultry voice can caress you with a feather or slap you w/ a bullwhip. Are you ready? Hold on tight for a fantastic ride.
Penny Jo looked to guitar slinger friend Warner Hodges, (Jason and the Scorchers), to help make her 1st self titled solo attempt. It's been 10 years since this firecracker, who led the Alt. Country band "Penny Jo's Trailer Trash" in Northern N.Y., defected South. She blew through Nashville and left it in her rear view mirror bypassing rigidity of Nashville and headed for the musically eclectic and organic Austin, Texas. Here she has been honing her songwriting craft and assembling her biting and twang influenced band, “I am not looking to be a retro museum piece." She grins.
Similar to Roseanne Cash and Lucinda Williams, Pullus has dug deeper to find the right songs and voice of a mature songwriter, to shake off the "country chick singer stamp.” What Penny Jo is now up to is decidedly different. She has combined a roots sound with the right pop influences due to the vision of producer Ron Flynt, of 20/20 fame, to develop a unique style that has her inspired as well as singing at her best. You may find her with a host of her usual suspects Ian McLagan (The Faces), Jud Newcomb (The Bump Band), Chip Dolan (Kelly Willis), John Bush (Edie Brikel),John Jordan (Chris Duerte).

She has charted admirably on the Americana Music Chart, Progressive Country Charts and various European charts.
"Ever since I decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life, it's been about gut feelings, about doing what I like to do. About finding my own way of being me," she shrugs…..


The Natives-1981
Rockin' Bones-1988
The Muddpuppies- 1994
Penny Jo's Trailer Trash-Acme Vocano-1996
Penny Jo Pullus- Lucky # 7- 2000
My Turn To Howl -2003
My Barn having burned,I can now see the moon 2009

Set List

Original tunes spattered with The Stones,Dusty Springfield,The Byrds,The Beatles. 2 1 Hour sets