Penny Olivier

Penny Olivier


The indefinable style of Penny Olivier (pronounced O Liv E A) leaves audiences debating whether she is a folk, rock, pop artist, or something in-between. One thing is for certain – she leaves them wanting more!


Born and raised in Michigan, Penny has been writing songs ever since she taught herself to play her first guitar, an Ovation that was a gift from her Dad. Little did he know the path that "darned guitar" would lead her down. She currently resides in Kansas City with her guitars and her cat, Hopper.

Her debut release, Live at the Nuthouse, was released in 2004 at the demand of her fans. The tracks speak of love, grief, and the ability to survive.

Penny is performing at various venues in Kansas and Missouri, and in regional showcases such as Women with Guitars - Chicago, Venus Envy - St. Louis, and the Kansas City Fringe Festival.


Live at the Nuthouse - 2004

Set List

- All Originals -

Beyond the Darkness
Do You Know
Standing Tall
Three Shades of Invisible
Line of Fire
Me and My Guitar
The Redneck Song
Captain Midnight
Kiss You Goodbye
The Rain
My Way Home
Let It Go