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Lost This Girl

Written By: Penny Phillips/Barbara Griffin

Lost this girl

now i’m tempted by this move
i know that it’s forbidden
breathing you in
i know it’s heaven
i know sometimes it’s sin
look at all this trouble i’ve got myself in

don’t make me crawl
don’t make me run
don’t make me fall over you
miss independence hit a wall
she doesn’t know what to do
please don’t ruin this by talking about it

disorientated by you

well i’ve lost this girl
she’s never coming back
she left her heart in the back seat
kissing in the taxi
with that boy
he’s her secret high
she pretends she doesn’t love him
oh but that’s a lie

i keep pretending i don’t care about a thing that you say
i’m still denying that you’ve changed me in every way
you say you don’t need it
but you want to

disorientated by you


i wanna be lost again with you
and maybe never be found
someday i might stop pretending nothing’s going on....

still i’ve lost this girl…..

Copyright 2004 Penny Phillips

Red Wine

Written By: Penny Phillips

Red Wine

Starlight star bright
I feel so beautiful tonight
And I’m a thousand miles from anywhere
But if I’ve got my cort guitar roof down I just don’t care

But when every second word is no
And the gas station’s more far away then the million miles I’m from home
Thankgod I’ve got..

Red wine in the back seat of my car
Reminds me of the day I walked away to find my
Shooting star
Have you traveled far?
Coz the nights are long and the smiles are less
I think I’ll write a song
And then I think sleep is best

The night’s so quiet no need to speak
Because the words are so pretty and the chords are just so sweet
And I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing
All I really want to let the world know is I can sing

But there’s so much about the world I don’t know
And people are so cruel I don’t know if I should stay or go
Thankgod I’ve got..


Im walking down a winding road
I’ve got my hand to the side
Where I end up no-one knows
There’s no-where for me to hide
Just want to let the world know
Im gonna shine
Me myself and i


Penny Phillips 2003