Penny Royal

Penny Royal


Penny Royal is a fusion of well-developed compositions, intricate textures, and inter-galactic sound design which nevers fails to leave their audience with a newfound sense of hope for the future of music. Penny Royal creates an organism of sound that sets the stage for a revolution of the Mind.


Formed in 2005 by brothers Derek and Evan Dunivan out of Houston, Tx, Penny Royal has quickly established itself as much more than another transient band destined to drown amidst the masses. The genius of the Dunivan brothers, coupled with the talents of their creative counterpart, Omar Al-Bochi, has brought forth exquisitely orchestrated compositions that leave their audience with an ecstatic optimism for the future of rock music.
As many know, Derek and Evan received extensive international acclaim and notoriety with their previous band Pure Rubbish. They enjoyed raves and top reviews from publications such as Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, Kerrang and Spin. They shined as featured artists in interviews and stories on MTV and VH1. At the ages of 16 & 14 they signed a deal with Sharon Osbourne's Divine Recordings, then spent half of 2001 and 2002 touring Europe and North America with the likes of AC/DC, Motorhead, and the annual rock event Ozzfest (where they were certainly the odd men out, but soon tour favs). Prior to hitting the road, Pure Rubbish completed their full-length LP with the help of Guns n' Roses' famed producer Mike Clink. However, the recordings never saw the light of day. While waiting for corporate complications to subside (which never did), Pure Rubbish was asked to back Kelly Osbourne for her televised singing debut on the MTV Movie Awards, putting them in front of 34 million viewers worldwide.. As downtime continued with Pure Rubbish, Derek and Evan began expanding their musical interests and further honing their skills, resulting in a distinctly different sound and broadened direction. Eventually, for the purpose of their musical evolution, Pure Rubbish was "scrapped" to make way for the even more ambitious project…Penny Royal.
After about of year of composing and auditioning players, the musical collaborators they had dreamed of were now their band mates. With the cumulative force of Derek Dunivan (lead vocals/lead guitar/keyboards), Evan Dunivan (drums/percussion/vocals), Omar Al-Bochi (keys/guitar/vocals), Ariana Renn (bass), and Chase Hamblin (guitar/vocals), an organism of sound that sets the stage for a soul stirring, jaw dropping show of shows has been created. With an array of impressive reviews of live shows, a recently successful series of performances in New York, an upcoming, self-produced LP, and their first music video near completion, Penny Royal and members have already been proclaimed as, "Best New Band", "Best Rock Band", "Best Songwriter", "Best Guitarist", "Best Drummer", "Best Vocalist", "Best Live Show" and "The Band to Change the Face of Music" by The Houston Chronicle, The Free Press Houston, Houston Press and fans from coast to coast.
More importantly, Penny Royal is a continuously expanding multimedia vessel geared toward initiating a revolution of the Mind necessary for the age to come.


Penny Royal is a self-produced entity that writes, composes, arranges, records, produces, performs, engineers, mixes, and masters all of their music on their own in their Houston-based rehearsal room/studio. They are currently completing their full-length debut and in the meantime have a 5-song demo available at their shows. This consits of the tracks:

1) 2020
2) How You Were
3) Aveil, Avail
4) Wondering and Wandering
5) The White Elixir (and the art of silence)

Set List

All songs performed live and on recording are original tracks. The set is performed in the following order:
1) Fevered People
2) 2020
3) How You Were
4) Rainbow Skies
5) Sleight of Hand
6) Aveil, Avail
7) Duende
8) After All...
9) Wondering and Wandering
10) The White Elixir (and the art of silence)