Pennyshaker delivers original, electric neo-soul blended with classic soul and blues.


Formed in 2001, Pennyshaker began in Richmond, VA. Original music was the focus, created by way of influences like Jill Scott and Jimi Hendrix. The sound was slightly retro, but in a way limited to emulation - not simulation. With powerful vocals, guitar driven rhythm, and infectious melodies, Pennyshaker delivers edgy neo-soul fused with rock and blues.

Pennyshaker's songs are created in real time by real players. The music is touched by digital but based in analog. The songs are written by the collective with each player contributing their own feeling and interpretation of the idea at hand. Although the band consists of experienced players, each talented at their own instrument, the purpose of the songs and performance is not to simply impress or entertain, but to give the listener something more than what they had when they walked through the door.

Pennyshaker's live show and recorded material has received a lot of recognition oner the last couple of years:

April 2005
Pennyshaker wins The Randolph Macon College Music Honor Society's First Battle of the Bands and opens for Carbon Leaf at Blackwell Auditorium.

January 2004
Pennyshaker receives finalist honors for their song "All I Want" in the 2003 John Lennon Song Writing Contest in the R&B genre. Pennyshaker wins $1000.

March 2003 to Present
Pennyshaker receives numerous "Track of the Day" and Track of the Week awards for their songs "Be Blue" and "All I Want".

October 2002
Pennyshaker wins the Recording Academy's Demo Review Contest featuring judges such as David Lowery of Cracker and Andy Martin of Deep South Records.


It's Allright

Written By: Ticia Carter

On my way home from work
Just the other day
You called and cried that you love had gone away
I said to be strong
And to carry on
Put your heart into your life
Put your trust into your life
One day you'll look back
On all of this
You'll smile at how ridiculous it all is
This is not forever
This too shall come to pass
These events will server to shape the greatness that is within your grasp

It's allright for you to cry
It's allright to feel this way
As long as you know at the end of the day it's allright

It's gonna be allright
It's gonna be ok
You're gonna be allright

Learn from the lessons
Life gives to you
It's the gift of knowledge
It'll pull you through
Some say it comes with time
Some say it comes with age
You won't make all decisions like you were born a sage
The pain you feel at this time
Is a pain that will subside
One day joy will return
You'll kiss the sun until it burns
I've seen the future
Seen the woman and the girl
Your smile will shine to light the world



Be Blue

Written By: Ticia Carter

Sometimes I want to scream out and cry
Sometimes I want to justify
Sometimes I smile to hide the pain
That I’m feeling inside
But I know I’ll go away

Hold back my fears
Hold back my tears
Stand out in the rain

Be blue, be blue, baby I’m gonna be

Sometimes I’m not sure if I understand
Why we even hold hands
Sometimes I know its time for me to go
Go away…not for me, but until then
I’ll go away

Hold back my fears
Hold back my tears
Stand out in the rain

Be blue, be blue, baby I’m gonna be


Written By: Laticia Carter

Sitting up under the tree
I felt a rain drop touch my shoulder
And it feels so good

Sitting here passing the time
Not caring about life at all
And I feel so special

And I feel so good
And I know where I stand
And there is nothing in my way today

And I feel special, special, so special
And I am special, special, so special

Sitting up under the tree watching the rain clouds in the sky
And I feel so good

Sitting feeling a vibe that covers all space and time
And I feel so free

And I feel so good
And I know where I stand
And there is nothing in my way today


I felt the rain and the sky
It made me feel so high
Love is the feeling in the air
I know you want to go there

I love the rain and the sky
It made me feel so high
Love this feeling in the air


Sitting up under the tree I felt a raindrop touch my shoulder
And I feel so good


Pennyshaker (Self-Titled Debut Release, 2005)
Demo (2006)

Set List

Original Songs
- Crazy Love
- Doesn't Matter
- Lose Control
- It's Allright
- City Life
- Telephone
- Into You
- All I Want
- Pack It Up
- Coz I'm Free
- Be Blue
- Special
- Wasn't Love
- Salvation
- About Me
- Movin On
- Tragedy
- Revelations
- Untitled Funk
- Cruisin'
- When It's Good
- Hold On

- Long Walk (Jill Scott)
- Me & Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin)
- Are You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz)
- Roses (Outkast)
- Lady Marmalade (Patti Labelle)
- Living for the City (Stevie Wonder)
- If I Ain't Got You (Alicia Keys)
- Falling (Alicia Keys)
- Dream On (Aerosmith)
- War Pigs (Black Sabbath)