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Pennyshaker @ Kenny's Castaways

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Pennyshaker @ Bogart's

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Pennyshaker @ Style Weekly Music Issue Party

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Richmond, Virginia, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Thursday, June 23 2005

In a music mainstream clogged with the over-processed hip-hop and the eyeliner of the pop-punk and screamo wave of recent years, it's healthy to swim to the surface, take a breath of fresh air, and find bands on the scene doing something a little different - something that cleanses the ear's palate and opens different, diverse perspectives through their approach to music.

Pennyshaker is one of those bands doing something different.

A Richmond-based quintet, Pennyshaker provides seriously funky sounds that are dressed to the nines in silky soul. On their 11-track debut album, they manage to pull off a vintage tone that lends a sense of old-school familiarity (in the vein of artists such as James Brown and Earth Wind & Fire) without seeming dated.

Ticia Carter's vocals stand at the forefront of Pennyshaker's sound - bold, immersive and impossible to ignore. Her voice can soar and purr, slowly drawing you in. From the high-power choruses of "It Wasn't Love" to the sultry moans of "Candy" to the lull of the lounge-styled "Be Blue," her voice commands your attention and your ear. Eric "Dabbs" Aikens' falsetto frames Carter throughout the choruses, as his drumming lays the foundation for the melodic outgrowths of the other members.

A glimmer of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix can be seen in Darren Moxin's riffs, particularly on tracks like "Telephone", in addition to some classic funk wah in "City Life". Meanwhile, he adds some modern flavor of his own - a touch of indie staccato crunch in "It's Allright" and the mesmerizing theme of "Cruisin'" that locks tightly with David Monger's bass playing. Consistent throughout, Monger holds down the low end in a subdued, yet solid, manner, and shines through the mix in the occasional breakdown.

To top it all off, Jon Gleich offers his talents on keys and tenor saxophone. His sax can be heard from the opening funky brass flair of "Candy" to the more extensive, jazzier work on tracks such as "Coz I'm Free". On keys, he adds those necessary atmospheric touches, whether through the tones of an organ, or through minimalist, shimmering effects.

Pennyshaker is well on its way to perfecting its sound—and the band members are ready to provide a funky respite from the current mainstream. - John Cockrell

May 2005

Something's brewing in Richmond and it sure is funky. If neo-soul diva Jill Scott fronted the New Orleans funk fusion band Galactic, you'd have the sound of Pennyshaker. Deep-fried Southern soul with a hearty helping of rock-jazz-blues on the side, this five-piece could easily set up shop at a jam fest like Bonnaroo or Harlem's Apollo and feel at home in either one.

This debut disc flaunts tight musicianship over 11 tracks with infectious grooves, Hendrix-like guitar wails and most notably the solid vocals of Ticia Carter. This frontwoman wraps her bold pipes around original songs so good they sound familiar. From the sultry saunter of 'It's Alright' to the sassed-up "Candy," Pennyshaker brings the sound of back-in-the-day to the here-and-now. These cats are onto something good and it sure does make you want to shake what your mamma gave you!

- Hilary Langford


Pennyshaker (Self-Titled Debut Release, 2005)
Demo (2006)



Formed in 2001, Pennyshaker began in Richmond, VA. Original music was the focus, created by way of influences like Jill Scott and Jimi Hendrix. The sound was slightly retro, but in a way limited to emulation - not simulation. With powerful vocals, guitar driven rhythm, and infectious melodies, Pennyshaker delivers edgy neo-soul fused with rock and blues.

Pennyshaker's songs are created in real time by real players. The music is touched by digital but based in analog. The songs are written by the collective with each player contributing their own feeling and interpretation of the idea at hand. Although the band consists of experienced players, each talented at their own instrument, the purpose of the songs and performance is not to simply impress or entertain, but to give the listener something more than what they had when they walked through the door.

Pennyshaker's live show and recorded material has received a lot of recognition oner the last couple of years:

April 2005
Pennyshaker wins The Randolph Macon College Music Honor Society's First Battle of the Bands and opens for Carbon Leaf at Blackwell Auditorium.

January 2004
Pennyshaker receives finalist honors for their song "All I Want" in the 2003 John Lennon Song Writing Contest in the R&B genre. Pennyshaker wins $1000.

March 2003 to Present
Pennyshaker receives numerous "Track of the Day" and Track of the Week awards for their songs "Be Blue" and "All I Want".

October 2002
Pennyshaker wins the Recording Academy's Demo Review Contest featuring judges such as David Lowery of Cracker and Andy Martin of Deep South Records.