One of the most successful Indian rock acts. Created their own niche blending electronica with rock. Known for their explosive stage act. Winners of several industry awards. Their first tour to Europe-US-Canada is scheduled between July-Nov 2004.


Pentagram is one of the most popular Indian bands and has been best known for innovating and experimenting a lot more than their contemporaries. Pentagram is one Indian band that’s been straining to break out of genre and geographical constraints, and has met with considerable amounts of success.

Pentagram was started in 1993 by Vishal & Shiraz while Randolph and Papal joined in a year later. Within the first three years they won three of India's biggest rock competitions, one of which resulted in them signing a record deal for their first album with Plus Music in 1996.

The first album ‘We are not listening’ was listed by Rhythm House (India's premier record store) as the fastest selling rock album. They released two videos ('The Ignorant 1’ and 'Yoo') which were frequently played by all the music channels. The album release was followed up by a tour of Seychelles in 1996. Pentagram were MTV India's 'Artist of the Month' in 1997. They also won the Channel V awards for Best Live Band and Best Indian Band in 1997 & 1998. Pentagram were featured on Channel V's Big Gig show, a showcase of an hour long live performance

The following years saw the band experimenting with their sound which began their foray into electronic music. The band started tweaking their sound with generous use of samplers in their set blending it with a heavy rock sound.

During the Kargil war Pentagram recorded and released India's first exclusive to internet song, ‘The Price of Bullets’, featuring famous poet Javed Akhtar and popular Indian Classical artist Shankar Mahadevan. The video directed by Farhan Akhtar, one of India's most successful young film makers was blacked out by channels across the board for being 'too politically loaded’. It was added as a bonus track on their second album “Up”.

Pentagram used as the medium to release their singles for “Up”. They became the first Indian Band to top Asian charts with six songs going to No. 1 for over two weeks each. ('Drive', 'Strange', 'Think of Me, 'Don't Care', 'Is there a Light?', 'The Price of Bullets' all featured on 'Up). Their single 'Think of Me' went to no. 5 in the world on Billboard's talent hunt site. ‘UP’ was later released and published by their self owned music label ‘Pentagram Music’ and produced and distributed by Sony Music India.

In July 2003, the band got one of their biggest breaks and they headlined the Sun Dance Music Festival in Estonia. Their music was not only appreciated by a whole new audience but it opened up doors across europe with many promoters approaching them for gigs and interested in releasing their albums.

Pentagram have thrice won the readers poll for 'Best Indian Band' by Rock Street Journal. 'Up' has already become one of India's highest selling rock albums with more then 15,000 copies sold. They also won the Best Live Act at the June Rock Out awards in 2003. Currently, the band is in the process of recording their third album and has planned an extensive tour for the year 2004 which spans more then 16 cities in India and a few countries abroad.


We are Not Listening (Album - Plus Music)
Price of Bullets (Single)
Drive (Single)
Up (Album - Sony Music)

Set List

A typical Pentagram set includes songs from their album Up and new songs from their much awaited third album. A typical set lasts for an hour and a half although Petagram has played upto 3 hours when required.

Originals played Live :
Disconnected (Album - Up)
Think Of Me (Album - Up)
Ten (Album - Up)
Fear (Album - Up)
So Strange (Album - Up)
Drive (Album - Up)
So Strange (Album - Up)
Is there a Light (Album - Up)
Dead And Gone (Album - Up)

All the Covers played by the band are their own versions of 80' and 90's pop/rock anthems. The band has covered varied artists such as Rage against the Machine, U2, The Police, Prodigy, Seal, Pearl Jam, Marilyn Manson, Nince Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers among others.