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Pentamental is a Progressive Alternative project - an original band, formed by front man and multi-instrumentalist Rob Amjarv.

The name 'Pentamental' itself is an original trademarked word the two contrived meaning 'a mindset of 5'. A term that perfectly suites their original music - considering practically all songs use odd time signatures.
In 2003, Rob and Melike created the debut self-titled album 'Pentamental' mainly combining Melikes' song ideas and then 17-year-old Robs' musical talents and computer skills. This album was used primarily as a flare-gun to construct a performing live band with keyboardist Rafael Ramos III; bassist Scott Garrett; drummer Palo Henderson; and guitarist Louis Marquez - all of which still in their teens at the time. In the automn of 2003, Pentamental had performed at several of Hollywoods' hotspot venues and showcases.
It wasn't until May of 2005 when Rob and Melike would find themselves creating the next Pentamental album, 'Harm and Harmony.' With Robs' progressed songwriting skills, and newly developed studio engineering technics, shared by Frank Rogala, they stepped forward from the rest in creating a sonically enriched epic with a strong worldwide message. 'Harm and Harmony' completed in September of 2005 and was also mixed and mastered by Rob and Melike in 5.1 surround sound format. The single alone, 'Bold and Terrible', was nominated for a 'Horizon Award' in 2005's Surround Music Awards.

Currently, Rob is at MI, Rafi is at the UC Riverside, and Scott is at the Universal... working.


"Pentamental"- LP CD - 2003
"Harm and Harmony" - LP DVD/CD - 2005
"Retrofit" Melike Featuring Pentamental - LP CD - 2006.

Set List

Generally, Pentamental's setlist can be anywhere between 20 minutes to 3 hours of original material.