Pentateuch has been greatly influenced by the wealth of music created by reggae legends Marley, Cliff, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse and many more, and feel its our duty as young musicians who respect that great legacy to stay in that tradition. We will continue to make music of love and upliftment.


Pentateuch is a roots reggae band consisting of members Kevor “Vor” Williams on Lead vocals, Andrew “Worm” Ayre on Bass, Brady “Jah Bradez” Robinson on Drums, Andrade “Drade” Bowen on keyboards and Garth “Duckie” Forester on Guitars. They are all graduates of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts where the band was formed in 2009.
The name Pentateuch (pronounced Penta-Tooosh) is Greek and signifies the first five books of the bible, symbolic of its five young members, each bringing their unique playing style, powerful social commentary, tight harmonies and a rocking laid back roots reggae groove.
Their debut album titled “The Genesis” is a riveting 14 track collage of powerful songs strongly reflecting the realities of today’s Jamaica and today’s world, and is produced by acclaimed hit maker Paul “Computer Paul” Henton, one of the real driving forces behind the music for the past 25 years.
The group is determine to reach everyone through their music and has already created quite a huge buzz, with their current singles “Black Face” and “Kingston”. Pentateuch decided from their inception that they would take the path of playing positive and uplifting roots reggae, which has shaped a very unique sound for this band, and has created a very special niche for them in the reggae marketplace.
The group’s live performances have been described as spell binding and riveting, and as a result they have received the full attention of their audiences young and old, regardless of race, class or religion.
Listen to "The Genesis" album and see for yourself why Pentateuch will without a doubt positively influence the future of roots reggae from reggae country Jamaica.


"Blackface" released Feb 2012 (first single for the band)
"Kingston" current lead-off single from "The Genesis" album

"The Genesis" 14 track debut album from Pentateuch - Released Oct 30, 2012

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