An instrumental power trio of the future - Penumbra features effect drenched saxophone with a gritty and driving rhythm section to create a space aged mix of jazz, funk and rock. This "ain't" your parents classic trio from the 70's


Penumbra formed in March 2007 when sax man Craig Fernandez wanted to explore the boundaries of traditional jazz, rock, and funk. Hooking up with Adam Koltnow and Brad Butler, long time rhythm section partners from various projects, the band began to meld the various styles into a new form of power trio highlighted by the amazing use of electronic effects on the saxophone as well as a gritty backbeat. Our new live CD, "In Orbit!", features original material as well as songs from Funkadelic, Trower, Hendrix, and Ken Vandermark.


In Orbit - Release Pending May 2007

Set List

Typical Show is 3 "linked" sets with songs ranging from 3 to 10 minutes depending on night and venue. Sets can be 20 minutes to over an hour and feature original material plus our interpretations of classic funk and rock songs from Trower, Hendrix, Funkadelic, etc