Penumbrae is a female-fronted Detroit-area sextet that plays an eclectic brand of modern rock. With an energetic live show, large crossover appeal and an engaging group chemistry, their work ranges from tightly-arranged rock songs to danceable pop, to melodic groove.


Now in their sixth year, Penumbrae is one of Detroit's most exciting live acts. The female-fronted sextet's eclectic brand of rock ranges from melodic groove, to alternative rock, to danceable pop -- all with the signature stamp of Penumbrae -- and has garnered them radio play in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

What sets Penumbrae apart is lead vocalist Lish, whose engaging presence and sparkling voice front the group. The band's natural chemistry is evident in their energetic live performances. Shining through original as well as cover material -- including the band's interpretations of Dee Lite's "Groove is in the Heart," Led Zeppelin's "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp," and Cole Porter's "Don't Fence Me In" -- is a cohesive band vibe born of musicians who simply love playing together.

In addition to regularly performing regionally, Penumbrae has appeared at a number of notable music festivals, including Arts, Beats and Eats (Pontiac, MI), the MidPoint Music Festival (Cincinnati, OH), and Motown Winter Blast (Super Bowl Pre-Party; Detroit, MI).

The band is currently writing material for their follow-up to their debut release "One Way Drive" (Third Monk Records), named best album of 2005 by Johnny B. at WHFR and WQKL in Michigan. Their CD single, "Colors/Winter" (Third Monk) was released in early 2008.


All This Time

Written By: Lance Alan (BMI)

Stay with me was pleaded without a single word
I swear I heard
By the hand
Led me to a grace and turned to say goodbye
Here I am

All this time
I've been waiting
All this time
All this time

In the rain sorrow washes clean
I find I'm mystified
I'm a friend
Suddenly a fall was broken deep within a field of rye
Once again

All this time
I've been waiting
All this time
All this time

It fades away
A silhouette dimmed
Lack of light
A lack of my lack of mind
Days away I tell myself it never happened
That's a lie
I don't know why

All this time
I've been waiting
All this time
All this time
I've been waiting
All this time
All this time

Stay with me was pleaded without a single word

Sara Bishop

Written By: Lance Alan (BMI)

She tends to a worthless flower
Deep in the garden where stones grow

Simple and yet so hard
Two faces are letting down everyone
Meekly she says she’s got it all

Hands hold an empty aluminum can
Damn these walls we are building again

She doesn’t seem to think about it
And so I listen for words she says
She says, “I will be blessed”

Coarse and yet so fine
Two faces are looking the same way daily
Could she tell me her troubles completely
There’s no use in fighting the pain she’s inviting
She could be anyone
Careless and naïve
She’s tugging at my sleeve
I guess I’m everyone here

She’d dance if she had the freedom
So I stand a few steps away

And when she seems to think about it
Is when I push her for words she says
She says, “I will be blessed”

Utica Green

Written By: Lance Alan (BMI)

Tiny room
A glowing box for camaraderie
Artificial tree
Instruments with strings
Even though I don’t recall ever shaking hands
We can’t say we’re sorry

Tarnished blinds are stained with from constant nicotine
A mask scary
A meal out on the beam
Even though I think of times we made demands
We can’t say we’re sorry

This is who we are
This is we who are

A burning candle tops the box in this odyssey
Scent of mulberry down at Utica Green
Even though I wish for times of making plans
We can’t say we’re sorry


"One Way Drive," Third Monk Records, 2005.
"Colors/Winter" (single), Third Monk Records, 2008

"One Way Drive" named Best Record of 2005 by Johnny B., WHFR89.3FM, ahead of many major label heavyweights! "High Five" from the release is the #1 rock download on (for several months running).

RADIO: "All This Time," "High Five," "Utica Green" and other tracks from the release have received airplay in Detroit, MI on WHFR, WBLD and WSDP; in Ann Arbor, MI on WQKL; in Lansing, MI on WLNZ and WDBM; in Kalamazoo, MI on WIDR; in Grand Rapids, MI on WYCE and WCKS; in Chicago, IL on WLTL; in Columbia City, IN on WJHS in medium rotation; in Goshen, IN on WGCS on medium rotation; in North Manchester, IN on WBKE; in Burlington, WI on WBSD; in Stevens Point, WI on WWSP; in Athens, OH on WOUB; at Bowling Green University on WBGU; in Bethlehem, PA on WLVR; and on XM Satellite Radio's "Unsigned." Penumbrae is regularly featured on WHFR 89.3 FM, which spins tracks from "One Way Drive" as well as in-studio performances and previously recorded demos (visit for playlists). They have also been featured a number of times on the Mitch Albom Show, WJR760. "One Way Drive" is being serviced to college and public radio regionally and is distributed nationally. Streaming tracks are available on and at

ONLINE ACCOLADES: Penumbrae has posted a number of songs online which have been consistently well received. "All This Time" spent more than a month at #1 on the Michigan charts on, reaching #2 on the folk and #5 on the midwest charts; "Almost" reached #2 on the Michigan and #6 on the pop-rock charts; "Colorado" reached #7 on the alt-country chart. "Colorado" was enthusiastically received on, garnering "most original track," "best female vocals," "best guitars," "best beat" and "grooviest rhythm" in the Americana category.

Set List

Penumbrae mixes original material with a range of contemporary covers. Typical evenings feature three sets of material, about 50% or more of which is original.

Cover material includes:

Dee Lite, "Groove Is in the Heart"
Fleetwood Mac, "Tusk"
Ben Folds, "Battle of Who Could Care Less"
Blind Melon, "Sleepyhouse," "No Rain"
Bob Marley, "No Woman No Cry"
No Doubt, "Just a Girl"
Paul Simon, "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard"
Madonna, "Don't Tell Me"
Stevie Wonder, "Sir Duke"
Sixpence None the Richer, "Kiss Me"
Ani DiFranco, "Napoleon," "Firedoor"
Beatles, "Oh, Darling"
Radiohead, "High and Dry"
Toad the Wet Sprocket, "Walk on the Ocean"
Belly, "Untogether"
Pink Floyd, "Money"
Cole Porter, "Don't Fence Me In"