People At Parties

People At Parties

 New York City, New York, USA

It feels good.

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Written By: PAP

Into your memory.

like a runaway freight
teem, when it calls me.
I feel like a fire inside a bear
cave crawls

because you have always been that number
you have always been.
you have always been.
first number.

Happy Birthday

Written By: PAP

So you say your hearts been set on fire?
acres burning,
acres burn like planets turn.


Pre chorus:
they say, were too young.
Its too much, for too long
to show the world what we know.
but we know that


there's more to this than love. we'll take the time above.
we've seen the moonlit skies. and detour's always.
there's more to this than love
I'll wait on your side.
i'll stand just where you stand.
and where you stand, i'll be waiting.

2nd verse:
Froze in time.
just like pictures in your hand
but you dont like to think back, do you?
but this runs right
through you
through you
through you
through you

pre chorus :
they say...

there is more to this than love..

Loves Likes a Stranger

Written By: PAP

(whistles :)

here come all the voices, all the voices in my head.
they all get to talking, always thinking of you, and just how it would be if i was your girl, again.
then time would put doves in our hands.

pre chorus:
cant you see, i need one more try
cant you see, i need one more try

love like a stranger
love likes a stranger
burning burning on fire fire
burning burning on fire fire
i'm on fire
on fire
on fire

now they are watching
making contact with you.
move just a little bit closer, just a little bit closer.
but we don't, we dont stop until they make us fall down
it's just too hot
but i fell just a little bit short, bring me back again

pre chorus

chorus x2


Debut release out spring 2011