People on Fire

People on Fire


People on Fire is an ambient rock band. Our musical style varies from spacey instrumental to straightforward rock and roll. We draw inspiration from jazz, blues, country, electronic, and classic rock.


People on Fire formed as a two-piece rock band in Los Angeles in 2007 around a love for music. Erik Slemon and Matt Gardner are childhood friends from Miami, FL whose musical relationship spans over 10 years. They were in their first band together in high school, where together they discovered their enthusiasm for song-writing as young eager musicians. Their musical endeavors eventually took them to opposite coasts - Erik to New York, and Matt to California.

After touring the country with several bands, Erik found his way to Los Angeles, where Matt had been writing and recording his own music for several years. The relationship was re-established, and the groundwork for People on Fire was laid.

It was then that the recordings found their way into the hands of Alex Urban and his cousin, Eric Wolf - both enthusiastic musicians.

With the addition of Urban's Bonham-like drumming and the ambient soundscapes of Wolf's keyboards a sound was born: People on Fire.


EP - "The Barren Earth and the Rain That Drowns It" - 2009

Set List

Hessian Rider
New Old Stock
The Doorway
Holy Man
Sky Lines

We can play any length of set, and we pride ourselves in our ability to adjust the set list to accommodate various venues and crowds.

We play all original songs.