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Peoples leads represents a new breed of artist. His latest release with The Demolition Men, "Yacht Club Music" is one of the hottest to hit the streets in years. Hosted by DJ Amen and Jacka of The Mob Figas is a diamond in the rough. Check out "Stay Alive" feat. Matt Blaque and "What It Look Like."

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1. "Mission City Confidential" (2006)
- Play No Games
2. "Remember The Titans" (2007)
- 100 Bars
3. "Yacht Club Music" (2008)
- What It Look Like
- Stay Alive feat. Matt Blaque
- Switch Lanes
- Best Rapper On The West
- Shots Of Patron

Set List

Sets range from 15-45 minutes.

1. "Stay Alive" feat. Matt Blaque
2. "What It Look Like"
3. "Switch Lanes"
4. "Shots Of Patron"
5. "Don't Get It Twisted"
6. "Best Things In Life"
7. "Still On The Bottom"
8. "Best Rapper On The West"
9. "Play No Games"
10. Freestyle