People Within

People Within

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People Within sounds like A Tribe Called Quest being backed by the MC5 riding on Roman chariots as they are being pulled on a Sherman's march through your head. My posse's in the Interbay!


The band's debut album features 17 tracks that bring the sound of classic hip-hop to a live band, delve into deep funk, slide into soul-jazz, and unabashedly plow into punk rock with face-melting-feedback guitar. All of this backs MC Broken English’s vocally dexterous mixture of social commentary and contemporary culture references.

This is Raw. This is Death Of Auto-Tune. The Liberation From the Click Track. We’re on that 8-track and Dirty Jeans Tip. This is People Within.


People Within's Debut Album is out now!
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Set List

People Within has up to 90 minutes of material.