People Zoo

People Zoo


We play lo-fi rock...maybe a mix of early 70's New York underground rock with noisy and beatles-ish tendencies..........


Clayton and Mark have known each other for several years and played in a rock band in highschool doing a couple originals, but mostly classic rock covers. Once they went to Humber College to get their B. of Music degrees, they met Josh Patrick and formed a band. Upon the departure of their first bassist they recruited fellow student Evan Diamond to play bass in the band. People Zoo is in the process of recording their debut EP at Humber College Recording Studio with engineer Nathan Carter Moore.



Set List

Everything will be cool - 3:32
Untitled #3 - 4:20
Where do we go from here - 4:42
Window Washer - 4:30
Untitled #2 - 3:15
Please be patient - 4:00
Losing you - 4:20
Untitled #1 - 4:00

Typical set list is about 45min