Pepi Ginsberg

Pepi Ginsberg


Pepi Ginsberg transcends time. With unparralled writing ability, unique guitar styling and a voice entirely her own, this young artist makes music that enters the canon of great songscraft. Pepi Ginsberg is an inovator, a compelling and visionary force for our times.


Pepi Ginsberg was born with open eyes and a fire on her breath. She was raised alone by her artist/teacher mother after her father died in a plane accident at the age of 7. She spent her summers riding horses bareback, and winters skating on frozen ponds. The bucolic life suited her fine, but that heat rose in her belly and as she came to be 18, she knew she had to leave. Not yet wishing for the fast pace of a New Yorrk City life, Ginsberg headed to Philadelphia where her songs carried her into the arms of some truly special friends. She rummaged through flower bins, acted in plays, danced to gypsy music on solstice eve, and sang wherever and whenever she could. Within a years time of playing out, Pepi was landing gigs on big name bills, doing live radio shows and giving interviews for local press. Only a few months ago Pepi decided to pack it up and move to New York where she has been playing and collaborating with great success. Following in the footsteps of her hero Bob Dylan, Pepi is bringing the power of language back to popular music. She posses a gift that is rare and the needed generosity to share it. Pepi's story has only begun to be written down in paper, yet it is one that will come to see the ambitions of a great mind, making her stamp on today's generation of music lovers, poets and compassionate folk.


Orange Juice: Stephanie/Stephanie
Played live on WPRB Princeton Radio Jon Solomon session
played at various time on WPRB shows
streaming on WHYME podcast

Set List

Typical set lits range from 35 minutes to an hour and consist of all material on the album, as well as material from the two forthcoming albums. The sets are most frequently Pepi solo, however, she does perform with band members at various times. Songs in the set include:

Orange Juice: Stephanie/Stephanie Part I
Orange Juice: Stephanie/Stephanie Part II
Homma Redux
Cool Green Castle
Kettle Songs
You, Your Brother and Me
Storm of Dots and Sighs
Hearts and Darts
Yam Garden
Maroon Coats
Zelda's Song (As Sung by a Young Spanish Woman)
Goddamn Blue Eyes
The Story of the Wrecking Ball in Three Parts:
1. Raga
2. The Wrecking Ball
3. New Planet
Forever Bajee
Dixie Lee
The Washington
Eye of the Living Palm
Patient Mable
Farrar's Song