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Peppaboy Trill McCoy

Pensacola, Florida, United States | SELF

Pensacola, Florida, United States | SELF
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"Peppaboy goes from gig to rig"

Reginald T. Dogan


When he's onshore, the Pensacola recording artist who goes by the name Peppaboy Trill McCoy produces music. When he's offshore, McCoy produces oil and gas. For the past week, the Colacoast Entertainment recording artist has been on a Shell Oil Co. rig in the Gulf of Mexico, about 25 miles from the site of the Deep Horizon rig explosion.

His two-week offshore duty started again on April 28, eight days after the deadly blast 130 miles southeast of New Orleans that killed 11 workers and left hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spewing into the water and oozing toward shore.

Instead of watching bands perform, McCoy at times can see bands of oil sheen floating in the water around where he works on a tension-leg platform similar to the BP rig that exploded and sank. But not a day goes by that he and his co-workers don't think or talk about the oil-rig explosion and its tragic aftermath.

Safety is job one

No different than most of us standing on the outside and debating the pros and cons of offshore drilling, people who work in the industry have their views and opinions. McCoy said he wants people to know that most people who work in drilling are concerned about implications of the explosion. They're also united that safety for people and the environment is the top priority.

"No one saw this catastrophe happening," said McCoy, 29, who began drilling for oil after graduating in 2007 from Baton Rouge Community College with a degree in petroleum technology. "But I still feel like where I work is safe because safety is our No. 1 core value."

In three years working offshore, McCoy said he's never seen an oil rig leak nor witnessed an accident involving serious injuries. He understands why some people are opposed to offshore drilling, but he also knows that oil and gas production is necessary until or unless we can find other sources of energy.

"I respect their opinion because of the catastrophe we're facing right now, but it's a double-edged sword," he said. "At this point, crude oil and natural gas are necessary for our energy as a country until we find some alternatives."

Risks and rewards

Like a lot of other things in life, drilling for oil has its risks -- and rewards.
"It's like driving a car, there's a certain risk we must take," McCoy said. "People do it everyday to get to where they're going, knowing the risks." Until an investigation is completed, McCoy won't draw conclusions about why the explosion occurred.

But his support for offshore drilling in unwavering.

"My opinion is going to stand until we find alternatives," he said. "This is necessary for our energy needs." - Pensacola News Journal

"Peppaboy Trill McCoy sharing the stage with Juvenile"

Maegan Outzen News Journal correspondent
March 28, 2010 20:03 PM

Reynaldo Moorer, better known as Peppaboy Trill McCoy, debuted as an artist last May with a performance alongside popular rapper Gucci Mane. Now, almost a year later, he will share the stage with veteran rap star Juvenile at 10 p.m. Saturday at The Edge.

"I'm excited about the event," Moorer said. "I think it's going to be a big, successful event. I'm excited about performing some of my new material - some things people haven't even heard yet. I've always been a big Juvenile fan so it's cool to be able to collaborate on something like this. I've got a lot of respect for him as an artist. He's been in the game for a long time."

The Rainmakers, who are the promoters for the event, were familiar with Moorer and his music so they presented the opportunity for Moorer to perform again in his hometown.

"Anytime you get a chance to perform, somebody is going to see you that didn't see you before," Moorer said. "You kind of build niches with people. And you build credibility with people. Either they're going to like you or they're not going to like you. And even if they don't like you they still might watch."

Moorer was always interested in music, but really started developing himself as an artist while going to college. He started doing "spontaneous freestyle sessions" which eventually lead to freestyle battles.

"All the time I'd start exercising this little craft and then you start getting a little better and better and better - to the point where people started noticing," he said. "They started saying they liked what I was saying, they liked where I was coming from. I kind of have a different style than what they were used to. I kind of have a different perspective on things."

By 2004, Moorer started realizing "that this might be a viable option for me," so he began writing, recording and getting involved with the production process. "If I were to do this, I wanted to have my own company, my own independent set up," Moorer said. "That's something I had to have in place before I presented myself as an artist. It's from a business perspective. I was serious about it. I didn't want to do anything that would kill my credibility. It's something I really wanted to pursue as a profession."

In 2009, Colacoast Entertainment LLC was born with Moorer as chief executive officer and headlining artist. "A lot of people didn't know I was an artist," he said. "They didn't know about Colacoast. So the first year was all about establishing who I am with the company, kind of like an introduction. So this year I'm building on that momentum and just releasing singles. Right now my music is free. I give it away."

Moorer has recorded several singles, including his new hit, "Waves on Da Top."
"The lyrics really come from my haircut," he said, taking his hat off. "Waves on the top, skins on the bottom. But it's tied into the whole Colacoast vibe, the whole Colacoast movement. It's just a different vibe of music. It's fresh, it's cool, it's the whole Gulf Coast vibe."

Once Moorer gets himself out there and establishes his "brand," he wants to switch over to an executive role and start bringing in other artists under his label.
"It takes time," he said. "I'm not trying to make this an overnight success. I like the actual grind aspect of it. I like the fact that it's something you actually have to work towards. Because it's a learning experience all at the same time.To keep track of upcoming local shows or new singles, you can find Moorer on Facebook.
- Pensacola News Journal

"McCoy more like CEO than rapper"

Reginald T. Dogan


Most hip-hop artists know a little sumpin' sumpin' about grass and oil, but Pensacola native Peppaboy Trill McCoy literally knows quite a bit about both.
McCoy, whose real name is Reynaldo Moorer, studied sports management and turf-grass science at the University of Florida. He then graduated on the dean's list in 2007 from Baton Rouge Community College with a degree in petroleum technology.
When he's not performing or laying tracks in the studio, he's out in the Gulf of Mexico drilling for oil.

While trying to get his big break in the music business, McCoy is sensible enough not to give up his day job as a production manager with Shell Oil Co.
"It's just another extension of my grind," said McCoy, 28, the headline artist for his production company, Colacoast Entertainment LLC. "My main goal is to establish my brand in the industry and promote my music."

Chasing a dream

McCoy may well be on his way of making a name for himself in the music industry.
Last Friday, he performed in front of thousands at the BET Hip-Hop Awards Weekend and New Artist Showcase at the UNDERGROUND SUBZERO in Atlanta. The event showcased new talent for industry executives from record labels including Warner Brothers and Grammy award-winning platinum producer DJ Toomp. McCoy also will be a performing in the third annual Southern Smoke College Tour that kicks off on Oct. 30 at the University of South Florida in Tampa and wraps up in his hometown on Nov. 6 at the University of West Florida.
The tour will reach 10 college campuses with new entertainment as well as informative and educational outreach including a voting drive.

Unconventional style

Unlike many rappers who rose to stardom from the streets of hard knocks and dangerous living, McCoy got his start in the rap game and his rap name while in college. His Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity brothers gave him the name Peppaboy because they thought he was spicy and smooth. With a flair for words and rhymes, he was always called on to be the MC and DJ at frat parties.

In so many ways, McCoy dispels the image of the typical rapper.
In a promotional picture, he looks more like a CEO -- dressed in a blue seersucker suit with a red bow tie. He sprinkles his rhymes with social commentary and positive messages about relationships and about living, learning and surviving in Pensacola. "I can take any type of topic and make it where people can relate on all levels," McCoy said. "I talk about what I know about."
- Pensacola News Journal

"Peppaboy Trill McCoy - Waves On Da Top"

Straight out of Pensacola, Fl. Peppaboy Trill McCoy hits us with this leak called “Waves On da Top.” - Hip Hop Ruckus


Waves On Da Top
Waves On Da Top (The Official Promo CD)



Colacoast Entertainment LLC.’s headlining artist, Peppaboy Trill McCoy is a sporty, Independent Southern rapper and spicy lyricist. His music portrays his adventures living in Florida and jet setting through the rest of the country for recording sessions and performances.

Mostly produced by Peppa himself, his music depicts vivid concepts, boasting an original, fresh flavor with a surprisingly smooth but spicy mix that makes the whole body feel good. Taking life experiences ranging from a tuff urban upbringing, to attending high-end private schools, his music showcases depth and perspective. Accomplished in a variety of styles and armed with an uncanny talent for lyrics, Peppa is best described as an artist rather than a rapper. He expertly fuses influences from classical music and blues to jazz and pop. You may hear a rock guitar joined by a church organ along with the thump of 808 drums all in one song, as each song takes on its own personality.

Peppa is also a crowd-pleaser with his hot stage presence, including his signature move dubbed by Snoop Dogg “the Pimp Wiggle.” He is a trendsetter with a hell of a swagger and always kicks things into high gear. The name, the game, the flair–all are prevalent in his delivery of songs such as his latest single “Waves on Da Top” and hits including “Jukin,” “Bonafide,” “All on You” and “Wang.”

His first big-name show was in his hometown of Pensacola, Fla., opening for Gucci Mane in 2009. Since then it has been a fun ride. Some other favorite moments include a gig at Bankhead’s Club Crucial in Atlanta, and in 2009 he was selected to perform at the BET Hip Hop Awards New Artist Showcase. In March, 2010, he brought his show back to his hometown sharing the stage with Juvenile (Terius Gray).

In addition to becoming a seasoned lyricist, Peppa also studied sports management with a concentration in golf at the University of Florida. He later earned a degree in petroleum technology from Baton Rouge Community College. While he did not graduate from UF, his time at UF was crucial in the development of becoming the artist he is today. While “on line” for his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, he would frequently be called upon to freestyle for the Big Brothers. He would go for hours at a time, entertaining them with street-oriented, pimpish, playamade flows. His sporty, game-spittin’ style, seasoned with his own original flavor and slang, earned him the name Peppaboy. His clever wordplay and action-packed antics are also how he gained the second half of his name while free styling – “Peppaboy Trill McCoy/Riding on some Chip Ahoy (paint)/Talkin’ on my flippatoy (cell phone) to a purdy gal from Illinois.”

Peppa also developed his stage presence and showmanship while attending UF through his performances in step show competitions and exhibitions. As “Kanemaster” of his chapter, he was responsible for choreographing all of their step shows and fast-became known for mesmerizing crowds with his kane-twirling ability.

Today, Peppa is often found on the Gulf of Mexico or jet setting across the country between photo shoots, recording sessions and performances. He lives the life he worked for, entertaining his fans with that Peppaboy style, “Frothed Out.”