Percussioni Ketoniche
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Percussioni Ketoniche

Band Folk Acoustic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Melody of Woods and the bottles
Italian band’s invention in performing their concert by strange music instruments …
The band’s music instruments were different from any other one, the were barrels bottles, woods and pans! Little and big drums were the only instruments which seemed to be Known.

"Rodolfo di Giammarco"

There are some exceptional moments of torrid sonority,
wooden tumults, violent drums and tanks hurricanes,
with an anthology by various authors of every period
and with the extraordinary “Percussioni Ketoniche” at work.
- La Repubblica

"Simona Frasca"

“Percussioni Ketoniche” into the attack
The idea of a “collectivity” of instruments that moves in massive sounding blocks places out and involves as very few things in the music that one can hear in the theatres today

- Il Manifesto

"Girolamo De Simone"

Percussioni Ketoniche – Organized noises
Among the ten most meaningful cd of 2000
“ALIAS”Girolamo De Simone
- Alias

"Camillo Viti"

hunder machines against the war, strong effect performance, amplified by the presence of the ten percussionists of the “Percussioni Ketoniche”. - Il Tempo


“AstiTeatro” proposes Alfieri among the drums
Excellent the musicians of the band ““Percussioni Ketoniche”



Rumori Organizzati, Bajca Music 1999
T E N, Ketoniche 2006
Tribù Italiche, EDT 2006
Occidente, Perosi Musici, Bajca MUsic 2007



Created and directed by Giulio Costanzo

Percussioni Ketoniche start their artistic activity in 1996, performing the ‘900 musical repertoire for percussion instruments (Varèse, Cage, Xenakis Chavez, Ohana, Reich). They produce and perform the following shows: in 1999 “Organized noises”, in 2004 “ Bells Synphony”, in 2005 “The Sounds of the Earth”, in 2006 “Bell and sonus”, in 2007 “T e n”. In 2000 they make the debut of the show “War drums” at Asti Theater.
In 1999 the ensemble record the CD “Organized Noises”, for the “ Bajka music”, and in 2007 the second CD T E N is produced for their label. In 2007 the “World Music” magazine inserts some pieces produced, interpreted and performed by the ensemble in the compilation “Tribù Italiche”.
Percussioni Ketoniche have performed in Italy, in Europe and in different international festivals : Teatro S. Carlo in Naples, Asti Theater 2000, Fdjr International Music Festival in Teheran in Iran, “ Bells Synphony” world premiere in Stockholm, “Musica Millemondi” Galleria Toledo in Naples, Festival “Spoltore Ensemble”, Teatro Greco in Rome, Trofeo Moretti 2001 from S. Nicola stadium in Bari, “Palascia Festival” in Alatri,, at the “Maschio Angioino” in Naples.
Wooden pieces, bottles, sticks, iron scraps, tubes and drums, the Percussioni Ketoniche primordial sound material comes out from any percussion source that is able to quench any need of new timbric colours.
The musicalness of the noise, considered as the widest acoustic spectrum, used by Percussioni Ketoniche as idiomatic paradigm, is crossed by neither iconographic nor mimetic sentimentalism. This sound product goes towards an “acousmatic” process of timbric re-writing and re-structuring through which art instruments and “beatable” common use objects, re-organized on purpose, create a new materialization of the music.
The K poetics is not based on a system of noise, its architecture reveals itself as a sonic thought that, resounding and interacting with the external environment, re-modulates the identity of the playing materials, each time in a different way.
The new images and the new sounding environments that are created by the master drummer Giulio Costanzo’s writing and the accurate performances of the young percussionists from the Molise region, explore an irreverent kind of Pop Art
re-cycling that produces – as Varèse says - a “redemption of the sound” from the temperate system and from the prejudice, mixing the academic music view with the non-conventional music code.