Percussionist William Ruiz

Percussionist William Ruiz


Native American/ African / World Music Improvisation/ Tribal jazz. Meditational, Trancelike, Grooving, Tropical/Rainforest/ Jungle like music experience.


William Ruiz is an internationally acclaimed Percussionist, composer, educator and arts advocate whose playing styles have covered the range of modern music from World Music to Jazz and beyond. He’s known as one of the most technically gifted Percussionist in World Music and Jazz. He has recorded with many great artists like Jay Rodriguez, Chucho Valdez, Willam Cepeda, and Has 2 ensemble cds and a solo cd currently available.


CD,s - In New York, Cipriani, & Taino

Set List

1hour sets i can perform at least 3 sets a show. at least 12 tunes.