BandHip Hop

You will find love, joy, peace, happiness, patience, kindness, & longsuffering in my music. A focused mind on God helping people think outside the box. Using my "Crunk" down south style the bottom line is to get souls saved and lives changed.


Born Percy Freeman February 9, 1982. I was headed down the wrong path during the early years of my life I was a thief, a liar, and a person who didn't have the proper guidance. I was arrested for stealing around 1999 and was locked up at the age of 17 among adults. 5 months in jail taught me a great lesson. I was invited to church after my release so i gave it a chance I accepted Jesus into my life and he cleansed me from my sins and forgave me for all I ha done. Now my relationship is serious with God as he helps me help help those who are struggling through the same things I went through. I praise god in my music and I thank him for the victory. Hallelujah


2004 Debut LP "Saved Identity" with the down south hit "Bannana Nanna"

Set List

Start this off right
Bannana Nanna
and many more... Sets can range from 15 min to over an hour