Percy Hill

Percy Hill


Heralded as master song craftsmen deeply attuned to their intellectual, emotional and spiritual creativity, Percy Hill, connects their listeners to a lush, dense tapestry of human understanding. Their sound encompasses the spirit of such artists as Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon.


The Percy Hill of the 21st century took shape in the year A.D. 1998, when founding members Joe Farrell and Nate Wilson recruited fellow University of New Hampshire-ers Aaron Katz and John Leccese to round out the legacy they had begun to create in 1993 as one of the top jazz/rock/jam outfits to emerge from New England.
The four met in 1991 while studying jazz at the University and played together in myriad combinations before fate intervened.

Aaron Katz, already being spoken of as one of the best songwriters of the newer generation, brought with him a stable of over 90 minutely crafted, ultra melodic tunes with provocative lyrics drenched in colorful imagery and unforgettable hooks to fit tongue and groove with the already substantial and significant Wilson/ Farrell repertoire, while John Leccese�s hypnotic bubble-bass sured up the bottom end. The result is essentially a great song oriented white soul group with fully realized improvisational tendencies, closer to what Entertainment Weekly Magazine calls "the scene�s answer to Steely Dan."

After touring for the first half of �98, the band entered the studio in August to record their "already . . . classic" 1999 release Color in Bloom, which went on to win the Studio Album of the Year award at the First Annual 2000 "Jammy" awards, and has garnered nothing short of nationwide critical acclaim, being called "the most tightly focused, addictively listenable and downright accessible studio album made by and for the preppie-stoner cult to date."

On March 8 2005, Percy Hill released their second studio album titled �After All�. Their cult-like fan base has been eagerly awaiting the release of �After All� for over five years.

In terms of sound, substance and spirit, Percy Hill is put on a level with Sting, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and the aforementioned Dan; some of the greatest, most enduring and most popular artists of our time. That�s quite a company to keep. Percy Hill�s talent brought them there, and is sure to keep them there for a long time to come.


Awaiting Our Return

Written By: Aaron Katz

Zevron Publishing BMI 2005
when the voices rang over the silver city though the fog and drunken clouds
people lined up seeking freedom from their worries frozen and afraid
feet must follow in the path back home again
we’ve been given many chances to reunite with the source of endless light inside us
then the sun fell down around the golden pastures
streaks of fire left behind all in order now aware of her reminder its all part of a plan
no I am not words
not a fountain of thought
passing by and by
awaiting our return
awaiting our return

Lap of Luxury

Written By: Aaron Katz

Zevron Publishing, BMI 2005

seems like our minds need changing
maybe its time to get away
far from the dear materials that satisfy something
could it be monopoly that starts us on this course of life
where winner means better
go fast never slow down
would you like to ride away to the sands alone
would you like to ride to the beautiful white mountains
we could sleep under the stars
carve our names in trees
we could free the troubadour in the lap of luxuy

my parents said when I was young
that happiness is much more than green dollar bills beverly hills buckets of truffles
so how much for love
how much for the touch of her hand
the autumn still comes and brings me to tears again and again


Color In Bloom - 1998
Percy Hill Live - 2002
EP - 2004
After All - 2005

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