Percy & The Gunslingers

Percy & The Gunslingers


The LA based band with a lyrically driven, pop-rock sound combining songs reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, and melodies suggestive of Lana Del Rey. Percy & the Gunslingers, while new to the scene, truly have a knack for communicating their love for intelligent, emotive rock music- both past & present.


Percy & The Gunslingers is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Ali Mills, along with Eric David (The David Brothers, Stampead), Frankie Pedano (Fat City Reprise) and drummer Timmy Sean. While all having a strong passion for classic rock, each band member offers up their own signature style which helps to shape Percy's sound. Ranging from country influenced tunes like "Gunslinger Shuffle", to the irresistible folk pop sound of "Andrew", Percy and the Gunslingers manage to demand your attention using the familiarity of classic rock, simple song structures, inventive instrumental combinations, and the uniqueness that is singer- Ali Mills' vocals.


Andrew- EP
1. Gunslinger Shuffle
2. Andrew
3. Magnetic Metal