PERDIEM is quickly creating what will surly be a movement you will want to experience first hand..

Since 1998, Dusty, and J. Stone have set out to bring together the most unique, and level headed musicians, and form a band that can give timeless contributions to Music, and have struggled to do so over and over.Re-forming in 2005, with John Weaver, and Brent Hall (prior band mates together), PERDIEM'S members status, and achievements have now reached a suppreme level.

All of PERDIEM are formally trained musicians, trying to push our own boundries, and abilitiy with a unique, and altered vision of music... PERDIEM's stage performance is full steam, no non-sense, high octain brutality, that is abrassive from begining to end.

Set List

1.Eons In Capacity
2.United Nothing
3.Flutters Peak
5.All Along The Warpath
6.Grim (Bio) Standars
8.Those Who Oppose
9.Carried Off
11.To Follow Failure