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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Road to Perennials"

...The Perennials attempt to marry the My Bloody Valentine wall of sound with the shambolic casualness of The Velvet Underground.
- Luke O'Neill, the Boston Metro

"After School Special"

When the Perennials played a waltz last night...lead singer John Flax’s eyes rolled back in his head, and the crowd...swayed back and forth. Flax then mounted a speaker — he rode it like a horse — and [lead guitarist] Brandon Phillips, in checkered lumberjack top and neat afro, took a slow swig from his PBR... - The Boston Phoenix

"The4am Podcast, by Warren Ellis"

"[The Perennials' new song] 'Delerium Tremont' is staggering drunk, all over the place and loving every minute."

-Warren Ellis, author of Transmetropolitan and Crooked Little Vein - Warren Ellis

"The Perennials' "Blacklight""

"Sorta reminds me of the Misfits, except that instead of a singer who's trying to be a demonic Frankie Lymon, they've got a singer who's a demonic Moz. Messed-up melodic trash-punk + talented singer = awesomeness."

-Carly Carioli, The Boston Phoenix - WFNX Rock Star Rising

"The Perennials"

"New wave with all the hooks and none of the wimpish emasculation."
-Mike Snoonian, Pocket Full of Chump Change - Pocket Full of Chump Change


In 2006 the Perennials recorded and self-released two demos: the four-song "Halo" and the three-song "Perpetuum". After this the band began work on their debut 6-song EP, "Perennials are Forever", which would be over a year in the making. In the meantime, the band composed another demo track, the jubilant "Blacklight", and recorded a stripped-down semiacoustic session for's "Flophouse Sessions", featuring rare tracks and an Oasis cover, which you can still get on the aforementioned website free of charge. There have also been some soundboard-quality live tracks of newer material making their rounds in the blogosphere.



Tuneful, modern punk rock is hard to come by these days without succumbing to the diabolical tortures inflicted by those three little letters, "E-M-O". In suburbs across America, band after band is Taking Back My Chemical Fallout, crying crocodile tears all over their overpriced guitars while the ladies up front muss their over-teased hair and pout for the cell phone camera paparazzi.

In the freezing alleys of working-class Boston, however, an antidote may finally be germinating in the form of THE PERENNIALS. The band may be emotive, but they are about as far from emo as it gets. They're the sneering face of a world-weary but hopeful generation, concerned with much more than navel-gazing and self-pity. Their enthusiasm and hooky songwriting have garnered praise from press nationwide, which has helped bring their reckless, manic stage show to opening slots for the Thermals, Japanther, the World/Inferno Friendship Society, Die Mannequin and the Avengers, among others. The band's few recordings to date have received overwhelmingly excited responses from the internet and the airwaves alike, leaving many breathlessly awaiting the band's first official release.

The members of the Perennials have experience playing everything from power-pop to gothic dance rock to old-school political hardcore, and you can hear it in every anthemic chord. The Perennials are not interested in going down swinging, sugar. They’re here to see the kids emerge united and victorious... and with your help they just might.