Perfect Combination

Perfect Combination

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We are a Hip Hop group from Prince Edward Island. There are two of us in the group (brothers) and our group name is the Perfect Combination. We have a variety of different songs ranging from east coast sounding songs, to club songs etc. Our music is meant to be uplifting and inspirational.


We are a Hip Hop group from PEI. There are two of us in the group (brothers) that make up our group called the "Perfect Combination."We have grown up listening to Hip Hop and Rap. We have been writing and performing our songs for four years now. Our influences are other Hip Hop artists such as Eminem, 2Pac, and Dr. Dre. What sets us apart from other artists is the variety of music that we have. We write about life experiences, and combine that with an uplifting and inspirational message.


We have released two cd's. Our latest cd was released in September 2007, and our previous cd was released in September 2006. The song that we are submitting for possible nomination is off our lastest cd and it is called "Born With That PEI Hip Hop.

Set List

Our average set is about one hour long. All of the songs are ours. For our latest show which was a few weeks ago our list was as follows:
1. If you don't know us
2. Perfect Combination
3. Born with that PEI hip hop
4. New Generation
5. We will Carry On
6. What you know about me
7. Put em up if you feel fine
8. Bounce with me
9. Gotta love hip hop
10. Shoot out the lights
11. Their times running out
12. Dream
13. Back with the PC
14. Thought we were finished