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Perfect Crime - 25 to Live [Demos] (2005), Perfect Crime - Perfect Crime (Tentative 2008)



Hailing from all different points of Central Jersey, Perfect Crime is the new sheriff in town when it comes to rocking your socks to the back of the wall! Not only are these guys willing and able, they have a sense of moral ineptitude that prohibits them from ever being less rockin' than they already are! Actually, this group is rather humbled by any interest in their music and is very grateful towards anyone who has liked what they've done. They do not claim to be the greatest... But one thing is for certain; they can rock! If you come to a Perfect Crime show at some point, they want to guarantee you will have a good time. They will try their damnedest to provide everyone with a top quality performance as well as some actually good music. And that goes for anybody. Performing on and off over the past four years, Perfect Crime have played with a multitude of national as well as local acts, and can connect with almost any crowd. From from classic rockers Blue Oyster Cult to metal maniacs Skid Row to post-hardcore punks No Hollywood Ending, Perfect Crime can "make an impact" with all audiences.

Formerly from PerfectCrimeProductions.Com: From the roots of punk rock and heavy metal, an idea was thrust upon 5 men, like so many youths in this day and age. A deep passion arose between the men and the music, and a voice cried upon the earth. It said, "Let there be Perfect Crime!" That voice... was Gene Hackman's. And the men, well... they're just guys who like to play good music.

The band started in the early spring of 2003. Whilst coming up for an easy way out of English classes, a guy with a knack for shouting out lyrics (MIKE TUCKER) and a tall bass player (JOE PITONAK) decided they needed a way to channel their musical talent. They decided to go after what eventually became what we all know (and love) today. The guitarist was found in a side project during the winter (ED CICCHI), and the drummer was stumbled upon somewhere or another (ED "CIGAR" SIREGAR). These four men began Perfect Crime.

Actually, the group's first mark was different than the one that had been around for a majority of it's existence. It was under much duress that the Cicchi, as he is affectionately known, left the band before the summer of '03. Not much could be done about this, but it was then that a mutual friend, Tom "Monsteiro" Monteiro, to fill in the void. This worked rather well for quite some time. Only two shows, 30 covers, and legions of fans later, the band took a slight hiatus for the winter. Singularly, the guys did their best to play on their own. Practices were damn near impossible during the winter as the practice area was unheated and Jersey winters suck. By the time spring rolled around, the group was at an impasse.

Due to problems within the group, lack of practices, and general disagreement about the future of the band, Tom decided to leave. But there are no hard feelings. However, this left the rest of Perfect Crime with some shoes to fill. With not much left in them, there was a choice to be made. Either they would give up on the band and go get ice cream, or get a new guitarist. They chose 'Option B' (they got ice cream later). Since Cicchi was coming home from Albright University in May of 2004, he would be asked to re-join the group he helped originally form.

The original line-up returned to the garage and finished writing & recording material for their 5-Track Demo disc. It was recorded by Dan Skye at Skylab Studios in Highstown, NJ. Previously, the group was satisfied with their work. However, they feel that they've evolved tremendously since their original recording sessions from late August '04. Now, they look to re-record their older material and re-release it with some new stuff on a full length album.

Somehow over time, the group accumulated some fresh faces in the forms of GENERAL DEATHMACHINE 4000 and KAAN AKYOL, two guitarists that were originally intended to be fill-ins. However, on April 7th, 2007 - while opening for Quiet Riot - Perfect Crime officially inducted it's fifth member in its' new Guitar General.

Currently, the band is regrouping from the cold Jersey weather and back in the studio rehearsing for upcoming shows and writing some more original material for the not-too-distant future. Recordings at AARIUS Studios in Sayreville, NJ have been in session since early July of 2007. Until completion, keep your fingers crossed and help keep the scene alive by supporting the future of rock. Coming to a Jersey club near you, Perfect Crime is..

TEXAS MIKE O' SHEA (Tucker) on Vocals,
A.J. HOOLIGAN (Cicchi) on Guitars,
RESURRECTION JOE (Big Joe) on Bass, and
SATANIC CIGAR (Uh... Cigar) on Drums.

Welcome to the Tomorrow of Rock and Roll.