Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS


Forming in 2004 and hailing from Melbourne VIC, Perfect Fit is a four piece Pop Punk band recognised for fusing hard punk rock and pop with a uniquely Australian twist. After Self- Releasing a four-track EP titled “Glory Days” in 2009 the band took the step up from High School jamming to working artist. Landing a support on the Kenny Vasoli (The Starting Line/Person-L) solo tour Perfect Fit have continued to work hard to become one of the leading bands of their genre in the area.

Perfect Fit have a dynamic and energetic stage presence and encourage audience participation whenever possible, at no point will you ever see any of the band members hiding in the shadows, more likely you won’t know who to watch as all four band members have an individual on stage persona that makes it hard to look away. Between the action on stage and the catchy tunes it’s hard to resist tapping your feet and dancing.

Perfect Fit have just finished recording a six-track EP titled “Lying to Make Friends” with producer Lindsay Gravina (Eskimo Joe, The Living End, Goodnight Nurse) that showcases more mature songwriting whilst keeping the bands upbeat and youthful image at heart. Set for release in August 2010, “Lying to Make Friends” has already created much buzz among the band’s fans.


Glory Days EP 2009
1. New Found Boy
2. Something Simple
3. Makeshift
4. One Way Out

Lying to Make Friends EP 2010
1. Secrets
2. Lights Out
3. Run Away
4. Super Fun Happy Times
5. Make Me Come Back
6. Tonight's the Night